Jason Witten's Nightmare Debut Season Continues, Compares Saquon To OJ Simpson

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jason Witten’s nightmare debut season only got worse on Monday, November 12, when he compared Giants running back Saquon Barkley to suspected murderer OJ Simpson.
In the third quarter of the Monday Night Football game between the lowly New York Giants and the pitiful San Fransisco 49ers, Witten and his trademark clunky delivery compared Giants rookie phenom running back Saquon Barkley to … OJ Simpson?
I mean, seriously, of all the excellent running backs in the history of the National Football League, the first one that comes to Witten’s mind is the alleged murderer. Just not the best look from a color commentator who has already embarrassed himself a handful of times this season.
Look, Jason Witten seems like an excellent, decent man, but color commentary just doesn’t seem like his thing. His delivery is clunky, his body language is robotic, and his analysis is rudimentary at best.
Luckily for him, though, we’re sure if this whole Monday Night Football thing doesn’t work out, he can land a job with his Dallas Cowboys, who specialize in nepotism these days.

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