From Satan Sacrifices To Blacking Out: The Top 10 Most Insane Apology Cakes

Even in your biggest mistakes, everything can be fixed with cake. But, for some, they really need to show how sorry they are by being honest. A simple apology on a cake is sweet, unless you go a little too far, like these people. You may get a good laugh, or you may get a fist to the face. Here are the top 10 weirdest apology cakes you really want to know the backstory too.

Not The Kitchen

When you wake up with flour in the wrong places.

No More Dating Advice

When you realize you went too far to play cupid.

The Wrong Type Of Sacrifice
The accidental time of making the all mighty sacrifice to the underworld. Probably, another tequila drinking incident during Halloween.

Tacos Anyone?

The time you really wanted tacos, but only one is sober.

Crazy Time

We all have our insane side.


When he couldn’t hold it in, but at least he owned up to it.

Tequila Kills

They may not remember what they said, but at least they are apologizing.

This Better Be A Good Cake

The time you really wonder how you got through the night before, but you got a cake in the end so you can be a little happy you aren’t in jail.

The Slip

The real apology cake that may help your taste buds but may not help the pain in your ass.

Divorce Court

There are no words for this cake, just give this man an award.

The Loss
The real apology cake that can never be forgiven.

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