UK Student Arrested For Spreading Terrorism Threat In School

University of Kentucky campus police and FBI came together in a rare, joint mission to arrest a student on Thursday, November 8, 2018, with connections to a terrorist threat. The suspect has been identified to be Haily Loriane Duvall and she will be charged with second-degree terroristic threatening and falsely reporting an incident according to Courier-Journal.

What Happened?

University of Kentucky campus police was contacted by Duvall Wednesday afternoon where she reported threats were being aimed at the White Hall Classroom Building. UK Police Chief Steve Monroe said that Duvall spread fake reports regarding threats she found that was being passed around on Snapchat. He also stated to UKNOW that while safety officials never believed the threats were credible or substantive, making a threat such as this one is a serious offense.

Although no screenshots were posted, the Kentucky Kernel reported that some screenshots said “White Hall is about to be white ashes along with every a**hole student in it,” one screenshot of the snaps even read. “Thirsty Thursdays are about become ticking time bomb Thursday,” another screenshot of the Snapchats said. Students who have seen the screenshots have edited and distributed with additional vulgar and threatening language. According to Kentucky, more snaps were found. “One threat mentioned ‘Just wait I’ll f*** up this whole dam school” with a bomb emoji,” police said in Duvall’s citation. Another message indicated the person who made the threats was “ready to die,” court records show.
Duvall reported to the police that after seeing this, she went immediately to notify them. Kernel reported,

“I definitely haven’t gotten a lot of information back other than what’s been posted publicly to all UK students and faculty,” Duvall said. “I’m kind of in the blue about it which is not very reassuring for students because I know a lot of students— I’m getting dozens of text messages, I’m in group chats with thousands of students— and it’s clear that a lot of these students are very concerned about their safety.”

Despite what Chief Monroe said their disbelief with the threat, he said that police force immediately informed the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to identify a location in Lexington where they believed possible threats are coming from. They later on successfully tracked the IP address back to her and took actions to apprehend her.
Duvall has been placed in the Fayette County Detention Center and she will be charged with second-degree terroristic threatening and falsely reporting an incident according to Courier-Journal. Her current bond is $1000.
Duvall’s pastor is expected to post bond for her. Her pastor spoke to LEX 18’s Leigh Searcy and informed Searcy that Duvall had a troubled upbringing in foster care.

Who Is Haily Loriane Duvall?

Facebook/ Haily Duvall
Haily Duvall is a 19 years old sophomore student at Univerisity of Kentucky and a part-time worker at UK HealthCare. According to her Facebook, She is also a certified nursing assistant at UK’s Chandler Hospital and graduated from Barren County High School.
Facebook/ Haily Duvall

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