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Maria Ciuffo, better known as “Ria Barstool”, is an American media personality and radio host who is best known as the co-host of the Barstool Sports radio show and podcast “Chicks In The Office” alongside Francesca Mariano.
Ciuffo — who was on born July 26, 1997, — first joined Barstool Sports as in intern in 2016 upon their move to New York City. Following her success at the company, Ciuffo dropped out of school at the Fashion Institute of Technology to take on a full-time role with Barstool Sports, a sports & comedy media company.
Alongside co-host Francesca Mariano, Ciuffo hosts the podcast and radio show “Chicks In The Office”, which is essentially Barstool Sports’ women’s brand. Ciuffo and Mariano host the daily radio show “Chicks In The Office” on Sirius XM in addition to releasing a weekly podcast. “Chicks In The Office” covers dating and pop culture from a female perspective.
In an interview with Moneyish, Ciuffo said that she has her “dream job right now and couldn’t ask for a better opportunity”, which is why she is unsure about whether or not she’ll ever return to college.
Hosting one of the most successful pop culture podcasts in America, it seems like Ria and Barstool Sports are here to stay.

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