Alicia Keys Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Alicia Worth?

Alicia Keys an actress, singer, songwriter and Grammy award winner, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She’s taken a stand against cultural beauty standards by starting the no makeup movement. She’s been an outstanding role model for women of every generation, since the release of her first single. Now let’s see how much this activist has made throughout her journey up the fame ladder.

Alicia Keys 2019 Net Worth: $130 Million

Early Life: 1981- 2001

Alicia Augello Cook was born on January 25, 1981, in New York, New York. She was raised by her single mother Nikki Augello. Alicia began playing piano at the young age of seven. Nikki’s her mother’s persistence on her sticking with the instrument enable Keys to get into Manhattan Professional Performing Arts School. This is where she discovered her true passion, majoring in choir. Alicia was so academically bright she graduated from the school at the age of sixteen.
Even though Keys was only sixteen, she had already sparked the attention of record companies while still in high school. Keys had options to choose from as every record company executive vided for her attention. Alicia Keys signed to Artista Records in 1998. At first, she was going to attempt to balance both her career and academics, being accepted into Columbia University on a full scholarship. But after only spending four weeks at the school, Alicia decided to leave and devote her life to her music.
In 1999 when the head of Alicia’s record label, Clive Davis left, Alicia followed him to his new label J Records. At this label Keys had the creative freedom she had also wanted. Alicia’s ability to write songs herself and sing them gave her complete control over her work. Davis made sure to get the word out about Keys debut album release. Alicia did a series of television promotional interviews, weeks leading up to the album. Even appearing as a guest on Oprah to promote her album the day before it hit shelves. Keys first album titled “Songs In A Minor” released in 2001 went platinum over five times.

A Star Is Born: 2001-Present

Once Keys’ debut album was a success, she began working tirelessly on her sophomore follow up. In 2003 Alicia released “The Diary of Alicia Keys”. The album debuted at number one almost immediately following its release. Keys received several Grammys for her second album, the categories included were Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song, Best R&B Album and Best R&B Performance by a Group or Duo Vocals which she received for her duet with Usher on her hit song “My Boo”.
In 2007, Alicia’s career was continuing to excel as she released her third album titled “As I Am”. This album with no surprise to her fans also debuted at number one, selling more than 740,000 copies in the very first week of its release. Keys received two more Grammys for this album as well. Once Keys had mastered music she decided to get back into the acting industry as well. After her guest appearance on the Crosby Show in 1984, Keys appeared on countless popular shows as well. Including Charmed and American Dreams. Then she decided she wanted to try movies and was cast in Smokin’ Aces as Georgia Sykes, The Nanny Diaries and The Secret Life of Bees.
Along with both her musical and acting ability, Keys has been apart of countless political movements such as taking place in the Women’s March on Washington. She has used her credibility to do good and help women all over the world find their voice, passion and the respected they so desperately deserve. Not just in the entertainment industry but from all walks of life. Keys will continue to strive in her musical career and promote a positive body image and social construct for women everywhere.


Alicia Keys, 15-time award winner, is hosting the 61st annual Grammy Awards on February 10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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