You Are Looking At The Greatest 'The Office' Easter Egg Of All-Time

Despite the fact that Dunder Mifflin closed up shop back in 2013, it still remains one of the most binge-watched and talked about comedies on television. An instant classic from the moment it aired, The Office has been inspiring Halloween costumes and “that’s what she said’s” for over a decade now.
And because the show remains as watched — and more specifically, rewatched — as ever, fans are still finding new hints, jokes, nods, and easter eggs hidden in the mundane details of the show, including the one above you.
We’ll give you a second to try and find it.
Give up? Look right in the middle of the bottom of the picture, see that miniature, smashed TV? Recognize it from anywhere?

Michael is selling his plasma screen at the garage sale from DunderMifflin

Yup, that’s right, the TV from the infamous Season 4 episode “Dinner Party”  — arguably the funniest/most cringe-worthy in the show’s history — can be seen for sale in the Season 7 episode “Garage Sale.”
In case you STILL don’t recognize the TV, hopefully, this will jog your memory (I wouldn’t blame you if your brain blacked this moment out, because it is a truly uncomfortable one):

However, despite the fact that Hollywood is currently in a remake/reboot/revival revolution, don’t’ expect The Office to return to your television screen anytime soon, as Michael Scott himself thinks that the humor of the show wouldn’t have a home in today’s culture.

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