Kappa Sigma At LSU Accused Of Stealing Halloween Decoration

The Kappa Sigma fraternity at Lousiana State University has been accused of stealing a massive Halloween decoration from a local man named Matt Johnson. Johnson originally posted a photo to Instagram that his clown decoration had been stolen on Wednesday, October 24.
A couple of hours later, he posted a video claiming to have found the clown decoration at Kappa Sigma.


Johnson drove to the LSU campus, where he says he immediately found his clown at Kappa Sigma:

What makes me sick is literally the first place I drove to was the fraternity houses on LSU’s campus. Why you ask, well this happens every year to people’s holiday decorations and everyone knows it is pretty much always done by fraternities. (Sorry not sorry). What really blows my mind is these houses are stacked deep with at least 50 people in their house and have all the money in the world but can’t summon any brain power to build something like this or ask the owner to maybe build something like this for their Halloween parties, etc… Grow up, I am a chill person who would have probably hooked y’all up if you left me a note or knocked on my door one day.
Now you’ve made me out to be the asshole because full charges have been pressed. Hopefully this teaches some of y’all to think before you act just because your fraternity associates think it’s legit too. (Also, I’m sorry for all of the fraternity people that are actually decent people. So many people making the rest look bad since the beginning of time.)

According to police, it appears Kappa Sigma fraternity members stole Halloween decorations from multiple homes on the night of Tuesday, October 23, with homeowners discovering the theft on Wednesday, October 24.
Furthermore, it appears clown decorations were targeted, as Johnson’s clown was not the only one stolen from homeowners in Riverbend, Lousiana.
At this time Louisiana State University officials are currently investigating.

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A Non-Profit's Plan To Help Undocumented Students & Families
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