The 10 Snacks From 2000s We Will Never Get To Try Again

It’s crazy to believe some of our favorite childhood snacks are gone for good. The snacks we begged our parents to buy. The overly sugary, weirdly shaped, somehow delicious junk food that brings us great childhood memories. Sadly, they have all been discontinued. Some of us may be lucky and buy our childhood snacks in bulk online, however, that may not be possible for some of these snacks. Here are the top ten 2000s snacks we will never get to try again. See if you remember these favorite snacks of the 2000s.

Tangerine Sour Altoids’

The small candies that destroyed the roof of your mouth, yet somehow kept asking for more no matter how much it burned.


The amazing cartoon shaped cookie that you could dunk into an overly sugary frosting. Something that could give any child a sugar rush, yet no parent’s turned away.

Cereal Bars

Your favorite cereal in one small tasty rectangle. A quick breakfast that needs no milk.

Nestle Wonder Ball

A chocolate ball full of wondrous surprises!

Skittles Bubble Gum

Not the most popular type of rainbow but one you can chew forever and ever.

Yogos Bits

Tiny little sugary balls of yogurt that will bring a smile to any child or adults face.


Forget about the one cookie rule, with Gripz you can eat hundreds of these little guys and never feel guilty.

Cheetos Twisted Puffs

Take a Cheeto puff and twist into a fun shape, and you have the best food invention of all time.

Ritz Bits Sandwiches S’mores

Turns out you don’t need a fire to make a delicious s’more, with these little snacks you could consume a whole box and still want more.

Fruit Roll-Ups came up with the best food inventions. With stackers, you could stack your way up to the best part of your taste buds.

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