Top 5 Most Strangest Pumpkin Carvings You Will See This Year

Pumpkin carving is a tradition for many, while it can also be a competition, new and more popular carvings every year. However, some people manage to take their carvings a step further. We aren’t talking about the artsy fartsy pumpkin carvers who bring out their Dremel tools to create these masterpieces. We are talking about the more, well, spooky side of pumpkin carvings. Now, we may be showing you the top five strangest pumpkin carvings, but there are many more than just these five. And without further ado, here are what we call the scary part of Halloween.

Pumpkin Inside A Pumpkin

This is more for the creative Halloween lovers. Take a regular pumpkin and carve a good face and take another smaller pumpkin and use it where the larger pumpkin is eating it. It’s harder than it sounds, but if done correctly it can come out as a masterpiece. Another idea is to use the second pumpkin as a brain. With some fake blood and a few pumpkin guts, you’ve got a pretty dead pumpkin.


Another creative one but this may scare some kids off your porch, which for those who don’t like giving out candy to kids this may be the choice for you. Simply, go to your closest Halloween store and invest in some zombie body parts and some fake blood. Carve out your pumpkin the way you want it and then add the props like the pumpkin has eaten someone, then add blood for some effects.

Barfing Pumpkin

This is pretty gross for those who don’t like pumpkin guts or vomiting. However, it’s probably one of the best ideas for pumpkin carving. By taking the pumpkin guts and laying it around and out of the mouth of the pumpkin you have yourself a barfing pumpkin. Just, don’t leave it out for too long, you will attract unnecessary critters and a nasty smell that does not smell like pumpkin pie.

Animal P*rn
Yes, animal p*rn pumpkin carvings. Let’s see how clear we can be, think of two horses doing doggy style, and picture that on a pumpkin. Welcome to a very dirty Halloween. If you have kids and you see this on someone’s porch, grab your kids and run. If they complain and say they want candy, go buy some cheap bags the next morning. Don’t ruin trick or treating for them with animal porn pumpkin carvings.

Human Porn

This one is more of a joke to laugh at then something to put out on your porch. Please, if you carve anything with porn on your pumpkin, keep it indoors. Or do the smart thing and send it to Barstool. And we aren’t joking about porn being an actual carving. Every position, threesome, and even gang bang can be carved into a pumpkin. Don’t believe us, we suggest you don’t try it, but go for it.

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