Lagos State University Fires 3 Professors For Sexual Harassment — Details

On October 9th, 2018, The Lagos State University dismissed three college staffs after an investigation found that they were guilty of sexual harassment.
The three Professors are Dr. Odubunmi Ayoola Sunkanmi, Associate Professor in Economics; Dr. Ogunwande Isiaka Ajani, Associate Professor in Chemistry and Dr. Gbeleyi Emmanuel Orilade Associate Professor in Anatomy.
Reports have cited that Dr. Odubunmi had invited a female student who failed her courses into his offices to write an exam. When the female student arrived, Dr. Odubuni proceeded to harass her. Oblivious to the fact that the student was in fact equipped with a secret camera, Dr. Odubunmi was caught redhanded by LASU securities and a non-governmental organization. The camera was monitored by LASU security operatives in a nearby office.

According to a source, Dr. Odubunmi first gave out the test and when the girl began to write, Dr. Odubunmi locked the door and began to undress. He touched the student inappropriately and as soon as the student showed resistance, Dr. Odubunmi yelled and attacked her.
For Dr. Gbeleyi, he was accused of injecting sedates to female students before having unconsented sexual intercourse.
The acting Coordinator for Center for Information Press and Public Relations (CIPPR), Mr. Adeola Adekoyam, could not give details of the decisions by the Prof. Adebayo Ninalowo-led Governing Council. He only said that his department was expecting the decision extract of the meeting.
Adekoyam said, “Yes, the Governing Council took the decision on Thursday. The council division is yet to furnish my office with details. I don’t have an idea whether it is sack, dismissal or termination of appointment.”
However a few days later, The Lagos State University confirmed the dismissal of the three for sexual harassment and misconduct.

Adekoya then made a statement saying that the University has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment and general indiscipline. He said the decision to fire the three professors were in line with its mission to promote the welfare of students in the institution.

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