The Differences Between Upperclassmen & Underclassmen

It’s been long enough; college students need to be put in their place. It’s confusing to why this has not been addressed earlier, but every class needs to understand their power. From freshmen, sophomores, juniors, to senior, they all must drill into their heads that their power grows from nothing to kings and queens. There is a large gap between each class, it gets smaller as you get older but there still needs to be respect between each one. It should be self-explanatory the difference between upper and underclassmen. But, somehow, each individual class does not get it. It’s all about respect! So, if you go to college and are in one of these classes, please read carefully, or you will pay for it later.


You are the hardest to crack for what you can and cannot do around campus. I’m sorry, but you are not in high school anymore. You are not the kings of your school anymore, so stop acting like you own the whole campus. You are literally nothing, even professors see you as nothing. You are like that little dust particle that floats in the air and the only time people see you is when you accidentally go into their eyes and irritate them. If you are a freshman, you have very little power. You are the youngest of the classes, which means you have a lot to learn. So take your first year and learn, do not under any circumstances, stand up to a senior. You will die in extreme pain. Know your boundaries, go to class, eat meals, and go to bed. You are allowed to have fun but keep it to a bare minimum. Think about it as your freshmen year as the purge, just don’t go outside and you will be fine.


The class who thinks since they aren’t freshmen anymore they can do whatever they want. Nope, you are sadly wrong. You are basically one little small step in front of freshmen. You have finally been recognized by the upperclassmen and professors. However, you are the class that is forgettable. Sophomores are the class where some wonder if it even is a class at all, which basically puts you right back to being a freshman. Basically, sophomores are second-year freshmen. You are allowed to talk to juniors and seniors, but do not tell them they are wrong or argue with them. You will forever be known as “that disrespectful sophomore.” You will also never be invited to parties, even when you are a senior. So, know your place and don’t cross the danger line.


This is the year you can breathe because you are finally in a safer zone. You aren’t entirely out of the woods, but this is your year to finally be known as an upperclassman. However, with all the glory of being older and more experienced, you are still not a senior. Thankfully, after two years of college, you will probably already know how to treat everyone above and below you. Apparently, one of the most respectful classes, because you treat the underclassmen of how they should be treated and still look up to the seniors almost like you, did as a freshman. You are also at the year where you are focusing more on your studies, so you instead get angry at professors than the underclassmen.


The year of not giving one single crap about anything. It’s your final year, and since you are seniors, you can do whatever you want. Juniors look up to you, sophomores treat you like kings and queens, and freshmen are too scared to even look at you in the eye. It’s a power that no one else can have but you. But, with all this power must come to some sense of responsibility. Don’t throw your power down the drain and end up becoming a second year senior which pushes you down to being a second-year freshman, because all your power is trashed. Use your power wisely and lead the school like a real college senior. Also, this is the year you can put freshmen in their place because they will listen to you, just make sure you don’t hurt them they are very delicate.

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