Starbucks Or Dunkin Donuts: Which One Is Better?

It’s that time. Finally, we can decide the answer we have all been asking ourselves since we stopped wincing at the bitter taste of coffee. It’s been a competition, it’s been a rivalry, it’s even been a World War, well not really. But, it’s been a debate that people continuously ask every day. And it’s not just about coffee, it’s also about pastries. It’s a big thing, and we would be very shocked if you didn’t know what we were talking about. And if you are still lost, please read the title before reading more. We are here to finally answer the question, Starbucks or Dunking Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts may be a smaller coffee chain compared to Starbucks However, most people don’t see Dunkin Donuts as a coffee shop and instead of a donut shop. As Dunkin Donuts has grown, they have expanded their food to attract costumers after breakfast hours. Not only have they created many breakfast options for donuts, muffins, egg sandwiches, but they have also added other sandwiches for lunch and possibly dinner. Dunkin Donuts has also created an interior design that separates them from Starbucks, looking more like a fast food chain.
Starbucks, looking more like a casual coffee shop that offers typical coffee drinks and a nice layout that welcomes people to have meetings, finish work, and simply relax. And, like every other coffee shop or bakery, Starbucks offers mass amounts of pastries and meal items, while also providing small snacks. With the quality taste and atmosphere, there is a flaw in Starbucks that does give Dunkin Donuts a higher rating. Starbucks is higher priced than Dunkin Donuts, but it’s the costumer’s choice to listen to their taste buds or their wallet.

Now that you all have gotten a quick summary of the differences between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, we must actually come to a decision. And, from the number of stores opened, money made, and the number of customers, Starbucks is the clear winner. Here are our thoughts on why Starbucks is the winner. Not only does Starbucks have thousands of international stores open but they plan to open 3,400 stores in the U.S. by 2021. In 2017, Starbucks made $22 billion while Dunkin Donuts made $860 million.
Forgetting about the numbers, it’s all about quality. We mentioned this before that, yes, Starbucks is more expensive, but the food is better, and the drinks are better. Dunkin Donuts is famous for its donuts, but their coffees are known to be filled with sugar. There is no coffee rush when drinking Dunkin Donuts, it’s a sugar rush that keeps you awake. However, instead of feeling good and awake you crash after three hours and complain about your stomach feeling queasy. Starbucks offers more drinks and secret options that you can create yourself while providing the right amount of coffee and sugar. At this point, we would like you to choose your taste buds than your wallet. Your wallet would be angry if you didn’t select Starbucks.

Now here is the most significant point that allows Starbucks to take home the trophy. Costumer service. Like every fast food chain or most, Dunkin Donuts only want you to order and buy food. They get annoyed when you come back and tell them they got your order wrong. Starbucks does one of two things. If they get your order wrong they will either, take your drink back and make a new one or let you keep the one they messed up and make you a new one for free. It’s about the environment that the workers provide that makes Starbucks so much more welcoming than Dunkin Donuts. If you don’t agree with us, please tell us why we won’t turn you away.
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