Dartmouth Endowment: Fund Size, Donations & Financial Details

Dartmouth College’s endowment creates new opportunities for students and faculty through generous donations and fundraising ventures. Endowments can vary in size from university to university, being measured in the billions of dollars per year that goes to each collegiate system. Often treated as an investment in the school’s future, these enormous monetary amounts are traditionally used as a tool to attain the educational goals each year for the hundreds of higher education institutions in the United States. Most colleges and universities turn to non-profit organizations to manage their assets and ensure that their endowments are being adequately managed while both looking toward the future and keeping the present in mind. All of the information about Dartmouth’s endowment can be found below.

Dartmouth College Endowment: $5.5 Billion


The Ivy League School’s endowment is among the biggest in the United States, totaling $5.5 Billion as of 2018. This multi-billion dollar endowment is the largest in Dartmouth’s history which can be attributed to a 12.2% return on investment for the fiscal year ending in June 2018. Dartmouth College’s CFO said about the endowment’s growth, “Portfolio gains were driven by robust U.S. equity markets combined with strong venture capital and private equity returns. Dartmouth’s endowment is fortunate to partner with a roster of top-tier investment managers who add tremendous value.” Donations and fundraising ventures accumulated tremendous wealth, and smart investment decisions have helped this endowment grow to among the biggest in the country. According to President Philip J. Hanlon, the endowment will fund priorities such as need-blind financial aid, additional support to his graduate and professional schools, and “innovative programs that will produce the kind of leaders our world needs.”

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