The Real Truth About The Freshmen 15

It’s not hard to figure out what the freshmen 15 is or why incoming college students should be worried about it. Let us explain, the freshmen 15 is a term used to express how much a freshman eats and gains during their first year of college. It is real, freshmen do gain weight during their first year of college. However, there are some lies to it. Yes, they may gain weight, but not every freshman gains 15 pounds each. Here are the real truths to the freshmen 15.

Once you get to college, you start to see how hungry you often are, especially during the times you are studying or lazily watching Netflix. You get tired and don’t care what you put in your body. And of course all college dining halls have some bomb desserts that you always need to have every single night, sometimes twice a day, maybe three. But, you don’t notice the food building up in your daily diet, the snacks, cookies, brownies, soda, French fries, there are never signs of any veggies. This out of control eating is the cause of the freshmen 15.
But this is where the truth comes out about the freshmen 15. Not everyone will gain a total of 15 pounds. Studies are showing that only about 50 percent of students will gain up to 4 to 10 pounds. And it’s just about 5 percent of the whole freshmen class that gain around 15 pounds. It’s true that freshmen do gain weight, but it’s not in a total amount of 15 pounds. It varies on how many extra calories they are consuming and how active they are.


The freshmen 15 is a scary term to warn freshmen that you will gain weight. Some people over exaggerate the freshmen 15 and have renamed it the freshmen 50. That term is not real; no person can gain 50 pounds in one year unless they really tried. But, the reason why students exaggerate this term is because it is true, you do gain weight during your freshmen year. Overall, the false facts in the name is the number 15. You may gain 15 pounds or you will gain less. It’s very rare you could gain more. But, that doesn’t mean you should be eating a mountain of cookies for every meal. That’s when the freshmen 50 will come true. Be smart and don’t be a victim of the freshmen 15.

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