Here's Why All Students Should Have A LinkedIn Profile

As the world progresses deeper in its reliance on technology, digitizing conventional practices such as listening to music or reading a book has become the new quotidian of this day and age. The evolution of how we perform some of our everyday activities became simplified by the convenience of the internet. Now shopping, reserving, booking trips, activities that were considered to be tedious and arduous can be done in the comfort of your own home in far lesser time. With living standards going up in aligned with the rise of technology, global citizens today are enjoying their best lives. To be a part of this requires only one thing: a steady income.
More or less, I’m sure most of us understand the job market today is extremely competitive and challenging. People with different skill sets and connections are often competing for the same job, qualifications for job openings are becoming more strict, and the number of available jobs is starting to pose a problem too. Traditionally, finding a job meant looking into ads, mailing your resume, and waiting for a response. Other times, Hiring Managers would call and have a job for you.
This conventional job search approach requires an employer to announce its search for employee(s), and those interested would respond. It was a simple process that often leads to long-term jobs and security. Nowadays, most jobs are obtainable through connections. It has become such an essential factor that before some job openings are even announced to the public, people already acquired the position. The whole job search culture has changed over the years from looking at an ad and waiting for a call, to be actively networking with people and searching yourself. In other words, the traditional method of finding a job would land you nowhere close to what you are probably looking for in today’s digital world.
Reality is, the internet has many sites that complete half of the job or you. It requires you to input your credentials and information and algorithms will piece everything else together. If you learn to optimize all of its offers and functions, it can lead you to rewarding results. One of those sites is LinkedIn, a business and employment-oriented service company that grew to be the top in its field.
Founded on December 28th, 2002, it climbed to the top by selling information access to information about its members to recruiters. With over 500 million members across 200 countries, this is the site you want to go for if you’re looking for jobs.

How It Works:

LinkedIn is like a professional job hunting version of Facebook. It is built around networking and building connections with strangers that represents real-life professional relationships. This can be helpful because it increases the chance of you getting notified about a new job opening before it is even released to the public. Linkedin requires first timers to create an account that asked for their basic information. Then an online version of a resume and cover letter is expected to be submitted or filled out. With that, your profile is complete.
With an account, LinkedIn can help you:

  • Establish your professional profile and control one of the top search results for your name.
  • Build and maintain your professional network.
  • Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.
  • Learn about other companies, and gain industry insights.
  • Find other professionals in the same industry using groups.
  • Share your thoughts and insights through LinkedIn’s long-form publishing platform.
  • Tap into the knowledge of your network.
  • Discover new career opportunities by searching for jobs.

With an audience number of half a billion, LinkedIn uses its numbers to help find and filter job what it thinks is right according to your profile. It also allows you to establish a professional profile that lets you build and work on your professional networking. For example, good networking would be being able to reconnect with new friends as well as old ones. Having colleague and classmates close by virtually is just a benefit not that many sites can offer. Also, another one of its prized function is to let members have insights into their industry and others. This is important for those who are still exploring different fields of expertise, trying to see what fits them. Having insights into other industries allows for different ideas and creativity to come up. If you are an employer, this works even better. This will enable you to find professional from other fields to help your company move up.

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