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The Fall Equinox occurs on September 22, 2018, at precisely 9:54 PM EDT, marking the official transition from beaches, piña coladas, and rooftop parties to apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween parties. Days grow shorter, the weather gets cooler, and all of the summer insects crawl back into the depths of hell where they belong. No matter if you’re a homebody who loves the contemplative colors of the season or an outdoorsy type that hikes and fishes, there are many reasons to love the fall. Though it may still seem like summer weather, you can bet that the cool breezes of autumn are just around the corner. Ditch the tank tops and basketball shorts for a hoodie and jeans, fall has no dress code. You may run into the chilly morning hot afternoon conundrum; wearing a light coat can solve this issue.
No company has capitalized on the universal admiration for the fall season better than Starbucks, whose pumpkin spice latte is as synonymous to the season as Halloween. Abbreviated to just PSL, these hot soothing beverages are ordered in mass quantities as soon as that first leaf changes color. Considered a seasonal drink, the pumpkin spice latte will quickly and quietly invade your life.
While many have argued that winter has the best holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, Valentines Day), Fall gives it a run for its money with the power combo of Halloween and Thanksgiving. These two precious holidays, each uniquely American in origin and practice, allow for the casual observer to partake in food-related festivities without any inkling of religion. Halloween allows for the guilt-free indulgence of one’s sweet tooth while Thanksgiving celebrates overindulgence of all foods. Summer beach holidays and snowy winter holidays are no match for the cozier and often calorically heavy Fall holidays.
This is not only the best time of year for pumpkin latte fans but for American sports fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The NFL will devour your every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday until winter. That means that in the fall, there is a 43% chance that there is a game on national television. If those stats don’t excite you, then you need to check your priorities. October baseball is the one time of year where casual fans can gather to watch the postseason and pretend that they have been keeping up with their team since April. NBA and NHL seasons begin in November, setting up a magical six month period where there is never a night without seeing your favorite superstar dribble down the court or skate down the ice. All four major American sports take advantage of the fact that no one wants to leave their couch as the weather gets colder and colder, making Fall the perfect time for sports fans all across America.
One final aspect of Fall, a bit less glamorous than the rest, involves the first Tuesday in November. Of course, I am talking about Election Day. This day marks an essential facet of our democracy that allows each citizen to partake in changing our country in the ways that the populous sees fit for the coming year. November 6, 2018, is Election day. Amidst the Halloween partying, vest wearing, and amateur foliage photography, remember to fulfill your civic duty and vote.
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First Day Of Fall memes
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