Former University Of Houston Pledge Suing Fraternity That "Nearly Killed Him"

Jared Munoz, a former University of Houston fraternity pledge that spent days in the hospital after a hazing incident, has filed a suit against the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and 29 of its members. Munoz is seeking $1,000,000 in relief and damages.
Munoz claims that the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity to force him and other pledges to roll around in human waste and drink “scalding hot beer.” Furthermore, Munoz says that he was tackled while pledging which caused internal bleeding due to a lacerated spleen.
Munoz’s lawyers say that his injuries, which cost $35,000 in medical bills, are permanent.
The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity currently faces a misdemeanor charge and is scheduled to be in court the week of September 24. According to ABC 13, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said it presented evidence to the grand jury, which only voted to indict the fraternity.
“I’m thankful that I’m alive,” Munoz said to ABC 13. “I’m thankful I can look on this incident and provide some insight into it as a survivor.”
At the time of the fraternity’s indictment, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said:

“Brotherhood and collegiate good times should be safe and hazing is not. It is also illegal and that should be recognized by the dozens of fraternities and sororities on college campuses all over the Houston area.”

The fraternity is suspended from the University of Houston until 2023.

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