Aaron Paul Joining Season 3 Of 'Westworld'

As Westworld forges forward into season three — and what seems like an entirely new setting, the real world –the HBO sci-fi epic has added another big name actor to its already star-studded cast.
According to reports from Deadline, Aaron Paul, who famously portrayed Jesse Pinkman in all five seasons of Breaking Bad (and hopefully, eventually, in Better Call Saul as well) has signed on to join the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy helmed hit.
Paul won three Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his work on Breaking Bad, while Westworld received 21 Emmy nominations for its second season.
While the exact role Paul will be playing is unknown, reports indicate that he will be a series regular on the show. The news of Paul’s casting was first reported by Deadline.

Who Is Aaron Paul Playing On Westworld?

*SPOILER ALERT for season two of Westworld*

Paul’s official role has not be confirmed.
Given that a group of hosts escaped from Westworld and into the real world at the end of season two, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Paul playing a human character in that timeline — what can be considered the “main” timeline (at least as far as we know).
In the compound that the rebelling hosts appear to be residing in, there is a machine that can be used to print hosts, however, it seems unlikely that they would just conjure a host character out of thin air.
Our bet is that Paul plays a human of some sort, although when or where he pops up in the timeline, is anyone’s guess.

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