Ariana Grande's Dress At Aretha Franklin's Funeral Upset People (But Not Bill Clinton)

Ariana Grande was one of the many celebrities who helped honor the legendary Aretha Franklin at her funeral on Friday, Aug. 31. Grande performed the Aretha Franklin hit “Natural Woman” during the ceremony, but it wasn’t her vocals that generated the most attention.
Instead, it was Grande’s dress that had people up in arms.
Grande was wearing a short dress that showed off her legs and people on Twitter immediately began throwing a fit over a perceived “lack of respect.” One person even took the time to pen an article for the Houston Chronicle which was titled, “Ariana Grande’s dress shows lack of respect at Aretha’s funeral.”
The author wrote, “Someone forgot to tell Ariana Grande about appropriate funeral attire at today’s services for Aretha Franklin. Though she sang “Natural Woman” with soul, the Twitterverse wasn’t kind about her dress.”
Here is a look at Grande’s dress, which Bill Clinton didn’t seem to mind.

Here is some of the reaction:

“I feel personally victimized by Ariana Grande’s attire. She didn’t get the memo on Black Church dress standards. She is not wearing a hat and her hem is not passed her knee. Her makeup is also not saintly,” another Twitter user wrote. “Somebody escort her and that ponytail out, please.”
Another added, “It’s freaking insane, Hilary and Bill. 100 pink Cadillacs, but dear God, is Ariana Grande not aware of the occasion she is going to. She is in the shortest dress, maybe it’s also my bias, socialization, and cultural viewpoint, I was rather shocked.”
As for the performance itself, it was actually pretty good.

But while it was a solid performance, the roasting of Ariana didn’t stop on Twitter.

Sick burn.

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