We’ve Got A Red Lobster (AKA Seafood McDonald’s) Fight!

There’s something about viral fights in fast food joints that is just intrinsically American. Baseball, apple pie, war, comic books, Tom Hanks movies, and fights in McDonald’s foyers: that’s what it means to be an American.

So, it’s only natural that the next stage of our evolution (devolution) would be taking our dining room brawls from land to sea, or more aptly, from McDonald’s to Red Lobster.

While there is no context behind the fight — the location and participants have yet to be identified — the video remains enjoyable all the same.

via MEAWW:

A video capturing a violent brawl inside the Red Lobster outlet has emerged which shows the moment a woman smashes a glass against a restaurant server’s head after claiming that the latter disrespected her disabled son.

On Saturday, the footage was captured and uploaded online. The video, which has 70,000 views at the last count, has since gone viral. In the video, a female waitress is seen confronting a black mum, who can be heard saying, “You want to throw s*** at me you b****?”

The mother is then seen trying to protect herself from the enraged waitress, who is yelling “Come on, come on.”

Moments later, to everyone’s shock, the woman is seen smashing a glass cup against the server’s head as soon as she grabs hold of her arms.

While Red Lobster has yet to make a public statement about the incident, we definitely know McDonald’s PR team is hyped about this one.

And if fast food restaurant fights are your thing (which they should be), make sure to check out the one for earlier this summer, which I appropriately titled ‘This Is McMerica’:

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