UCSB Found In Contempt Of Court After Student Wins Lawsuit

UCSB, the University of California-Santa Barbara has been found in contempt of court for violating a court order regarding a male student who was accused of stalking a female student. The university failed to re-evaluate its findings and punishment, according to Santa Barbara Super Court Judge Donna D. Geck.
The Daily Wire reports that UCSB failed to follow an earlier mandate to look at the additional evidence.
The student, only referred to as John Doe in the court documents, was reinstated to the university and the school vacated its decision against him. John Doe and his accuser, referred to as Jane Doe, were briefly dating in the fall of 2015 before a break-up in mid-October. Once the two broke up, John and Jane exchanged texts while she was dating another boyfriend.
From the report:

On October 31, John said he texted Jane: “This goes against everything I said I wouldn’t do, but I actually really miss you.” The next day he sent another text: “Although I mean what I said, I shouldn’t have sent that. I’m sorry.” Two days later he sent one last text: “I know you don’t like change, but [you’re] SO SO Much better than him,” referring to her ex- and current boyfriend. Jane texted him back to say they shouldn’t speak, and John, according to his lawsuit, didn’t text her again.
John said he dropped a class during the winter quarter because Jane and her boyfriend were taking it, and had no further contact with Jane for the next seven months, though they did see each other on campus occasionally.

The allegations then claimed that John sent threatening text messages to Jane and that he was “following her on an almost daily basis since September 2015” and that he would stand outside of her building. There was also a claim that John intentionally spilled a drink on her during a sorority party.
The allegations were never confirmed during the investigation.
After reviewing the additional information, the Santa Barba Sheriff’s Department found no evidence to confirm Jane Doe’s claims. UCSB failed to provide any evidence that backed up the allegations. John instead provided evidence to show “that he was elsewhere in his own class at certain times and his smartphone location information contradicted Jane Roe’s claim at other times.”
A “review” from UCSB came away with the same decision as the original despite no additional evidence. The decision was identical, so UCSB was in contempt and John won the lawsuit.
You can read the full story and more notes from the court documents here.

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