Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football 2018-19: Predictions & Preview

The Big Ten is a tale of two stories, there are the five powerhouses at the top, and then the bottom seven who would be lucky to go bowling. Rutgers easily falls into the ladder and has consistently been one of the bottom three in the conference. Head coach Chris Ash has done as much as he can and has actually built a respectable defense, but when your offense can’t score that can quickly go unnoticed. Six total wins in his first two seasons may have not been what he pictured, but we need to give him credit for the immensely talented secondary he has built.

2018-19 Summary
With a 6-18 record in his first two seasons, head coach Chris Ash may be fast approaching the dreaded hot seat. It hasn’t all been negative for Ash, however, as he took over one of the worst teams in the Power Five conferences and has somehow created a defensive identity for his Scarlet Knights. The offensive is still abysmal, and sadly there is no reason to be optimistic that 2018 will be any different. Quarterback Giovanni Rescigno has been very shaky, with many down moments and few ups. It certainly won’t help with an entirely new pass catching core. But back to the defense, there back seven is actually as good as any, maybe in the country, and if the Scarlet Knights can get any sort of pass rush, that strength will be put on full display. Although Rutgers should be able to clean up the out-of-conference schedule, winning a game in the Big Ten could be a tough feat. Their best chance will come in the four-game stretch featuring matchups against Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, and Northwestern. Sadly, it is more likely that they lose all four rather than steal one. Chris Ash will likely get one more year regardless of record this year, but I can promise he is not the problem.

Record: Wins 3, Losses 9

Week 1: Rutgers 42, Texas State 13 (W)
Week 2: Rutgers 20, Ohio State 45 (L)
Week 3: Rutgers 35, Kansas 30 (W)
Week 4: Rutgers 28, Buffalo 20 (W)
Week 5: Rutgers 26, Indiana 27 (L)
Week 6: Rutgers 27, Illinois 30 (L)
Week 7: Rutgers 21, Maryland 31 (L)
Week 8: Rutgers 24, Northwestern 28 (L)
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: Rutgers 23, Wisconsin 42 (L)
Week 11: Rutgers 7, Michigan 45 (L)
Week 12: Rutgers 20, Penn State 45 (L)
Week 13: Rutgers 20, Michigan State 40 (L)

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