Indiana Hoosiers Football 2018-19: Predictions & Preview

Indiana Hoosier football has been a joke for quite some time now. After being a consistent sub-five win team for decades, recent times have seen them change that trend to a five-to-six win team. The only problem is they have made a habit out of these five-to-six win seasons, and have failed to crack the seven-win threshold. Head coach Tom Allen was brought to the program to try to change that trajectory, but year one went about exactly as planned, 5-7. With so many powerhouses in the Big Ten; if you are not one of those schools, recruiting can be a severe challenge. Tom Allen is no exception to this, and his 2018 roster is weaker on paper than his 2017 roster. If they are going to hit seven wins, you might as well call it a miracle.

2018-19 Summary

With year one in the books, second-year head coach Tom Allen will look to build off of his 2017 campaign. He was brought to Indiana to change the culture, but he couldn’t break the streak of five-to-six win seasons. Unfortunately¬†for Hoosier fans, 2018 will likely be the same story. Whether its Peyton Ramsey or Brandon Dawkins at quarterback, either one should be able to produce an average offense, bouncing back from the miserable 2017 offensive display. Defense, a strength from a year ago could likely end up being the Achilles heel for 2018 Hoosiers thanks to the loss of their two-star linebackers in Tegray Scales and Chris Covington, one of the most dynamic duos in the entire country last year. Without them, their rush defense could be a disaster, which could take away from their pass defense, still a strength of this team. That combination, along with a brutal Big Ten schedule should have Indiana right at that five-to-six win mark they have become so familiar¬†with. Fans need to be patient with Tom Allen unless they want to cost him his job.

Record: Wins 5, Losses 7

Week 1: Indiana 41, Florida International 21 (W)
Week 2: Indiana 24, Virginia 21 (W)
Week 3: Indiana 39, Ball State 17 (W)
Week 4: Indiana 14, Michigan State 30 (L)
Week 5: Indiana 27, Rutgers 26 (W)
Week 6: Indiana 21, Ohio State 49 (L)
Week 7: Indiana 17, Iowa 27 (L)
Week 8: Indiana 17, Penn State 38 (L)
Week 9: Indiana 35, Minnesota 42 (L)
Week 10: Bye
Week 11: Indiana 31, Maryland 21 (W)
Week 12: Indiana 10, Michigan 38 (L)
Week 13: Indiana 21, Purdue 24 (L)

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