How To Avoid People You Hate In College

There is always that one person at you school you to hate. The one you follow on Instagram and purposely not like their posts and gossip about with your friends on a group message. Could be an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, a frenemy that stole something from you, or just someone that rubbed you the wrong way. Either way, you instead get hit by a car than come into contact with the person. Here are our tips for you, follow our advice, and it will feel like you have a restraining order on the person.

Travel In Packs

Travel around your campus with friends. Doesn’t matter if it’s with five or more people or just one, you are distracted and less likely to notice the person you hate. While you are distracted by your friends, you will not see them pass you and avoid you as well. One against a group of your friends is intimidating. They will avoid you like the plague. So, do your best to walk around with someone next to you. Just don’t act like a puppy around your friends, they will end up hating you too.

Fake Phone Call

Well, you are walking around alone and spot the person you wish you could strangle, fake a phone call. Take your phone out and pretend you have a phone call. If you can’t think of anyone to have a fake conversation with, always go to mom and dad. Don’t get complicated with the conversation, after all, it is a fake one. Just do the simple “hey, how are you” type of conversation. And the conversation only needs to last as long as you see the person, once you are safe around the corner, you can hang up the pretend phone call, or keep going if you like it.

Run To Class

This will draw more attention to you, but it’s the fastest way to get far away from that person. Once they come into view, book it to your next class or your dormitory. This is where you can test your speed. Do your best to not stomp while running, be light on your feet to not draw attention to yourself by other passing bystanders. Good luck and run fast.

Become A Secret Agent
This is where your childlike instincts come in to help you. Your hide and go seek skills will teach you to hide and investigate your next move. You see that person that makes your blood boil, find your closest hiding spot. Maybe a bush, tree, or large object that will hide you. Analyze your surroundings and find your best escape route. Once you have found your path, jump to your next hiding spot and complete your level. If you get caught its game over for you. You never know, you may have some fun being a secret agent.

Just Smile & Wave Boys, Smile & Wave

All this advice is excellent, but the best information is just to smile and wave. There is not talking that has to be involved, but if you two make eye contact be friendly and just smile and wave. It shows you are the smarter and stronger person. And it doesn’t take that much to do it, it’s just a smile and a wave. It’s so simple and straightforward, you could do it in your sleep.

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