‘Suicidal’ Worker Steals Airplane From Sea-Tac Airport, Crashes

An Alaska Airlines plane was stolen from the Sea-Tac International Airport and has since crashed. According to reports, an employee hijacked an airplane and took off from the airport. Details suggest the plane was followed by two F-15 military jets before it crashed shortly after.

Video surfaced online of what allegedly was the scene immediately following the crash.

Video showing the moments that the stolen plane crashed outside of Seattle 😳 pic.twitter.com/ZkHvhouHlN

— Kris Hanson (@KrisHansonRCF) August 11, 2018

Another video shows the airplane being followed by a fighter jet. Additional reports suggest the F-15s did not shoot down the stolen plane.

@KING5Seattle here’s a video of the hijacked plane and fighter escort from Steilacoom in the ferry line for anderson Island pic.twitter.com/8fgAUe05xv

— Kai Simpson (@Kai_AHS) August 11, 2018

“An airline employee conducted an unauthorized takeoff without passengers at Sea-Tac; aircraft has crashed in south Puget Sound. Normal operations at Sea-Tac Airport have resumed,” the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport wrote.

Some dude stole a plane from #Seatac (Allegedly), did a loop-the-loop, ALMOST crashed into #ChambersBay, then crossed in front of our party, chased by fighter jets and subsequently crashed. Weird times. pic.twitter.com/Ra4LcIhwfU

— bmbdgty (@drbmbdgty) August 11, 2018

“Stolen horizon airplane crashed into Ketron island. Preliminary info is that a mechanic from unknown airlines stole plane. Was doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills caused crash into Island,” the Pierce County Sheriff said.

“Two military F 15 chased plane but was not involved in crash. No passengers on plane.”

The plane was reportedly stolen by a mechanic at the airlanes who has been described as a “29-year-old suicidal man.”

Audio from the airplane shows the man was speaking to air traffic control dispatchers. The man, whose name appeared to be “Rich” alleged threw up all over the cockpit.

“This is probably jail time for life, huh? I would hope it is for a guy like me,” the man said. “You think if I can land this successfully, Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?”

You can listen to audio from the discussion with the air traffic control dispatchers below.

“I’m not prepared to report what I’m picking up on the rumor mill right now. But stay tuned. This night is going to be a very weird one,” Jon Ostrower, editor-in-chief of The Air Current, wrote on Twitter.

“Something very weird is going on over @SeaTacAirport right now. The skies are eerily silent.”

At this time, it is being reported that no one else was injured in the crash.

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