Top 5 Rules For A College Student's Success

Let me just say — if there is anyone who is feeling bummed out or dreadful because summer is coming to an end — it’s the college students. Especially, the anxious and ecstatic incoming freshmen who will be beginning the next chapter of their lives. So now, it’s time to buckle up and get serious about college.
As some adolescents ponder the question, “What makes some college students successful and others not so much?” Well, it’s either a person’s intelligence or insight. But, of course, there is always sheer luck. Most importantly, though, it’s the habits and skills put forth that will likely determine if you will be successful in college. Here are the five top rules for a college student’s success.

Be aggressive and take control

This rule applies directly to the Newbies. Unlike high school, where a teacher hovers over you and will hunt you down about getting your assignments and papers in on time — well it will be your job to do it on your own. What’s the message? Step up to bat and take responsibility. College is all about being independent and finding yourself.

Connect with your professor

I can’t stress how important your most reliable resource in college is your professor. In past years, it used to be that professors were only available during office hours. But that changed. Now, you can set up an in-person appointment or do it over Skype. What should I discuss? Talk about how to strategize and plan for an upcoming test and to go over anything you found confusing or didn’t understand in class. As clichĂ© as this might sound, your professor can sometimes be your best friend.

Study; don’t “study”

Just so you know — most of the college work is done outside the classroom and just a heads up… Nobody quite tells you that. Your best bet is to find a quiet place to study like the library and make a schedule each week with the days and times you’ll be studying. Don’t kid yourself if you think copying over your notes, getting the e-readings, or listening to the lectures from class again counts as studying. It doesn’t. In order to excel in your classes, you need to just keep on studying your work.

Adjust your attention span

One of the most important golden rules, in order to succeed in college, is to give your undivided attention to the professor. Back in high school, you’re used to getting your content in short, entertaining blasts. For instance, 1 to 3 minute YouTube videos or character tweets. Hate to break it to you — not anymore. A professor is generally, in most cases, thinking in terms of a 50-minute lecture, divided into either two or three segments. Make sure you retrain your attention span.

Get to class

The hardest thing for a student in college is not to miss any classes throughout the semester. Most college students have a “cutting budget.” For instance, they will choose how many times they will miss class and still do well. Don’t follow that approach. Let’s just say, a class has 35 meetings, and you missed seven class, then you’ve missed 20 percent of the content. Not only will you likely flunk your class, but you will damage your GPA.

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