Imagine The Police Rolling Up On You While Doing The #InMyFeelings Challenge

Good. This is what the idiots who do these viral videos — especially on main roads during nighttime — deserve.

First of all, not only are these people about two weeks too late to the party, but the execution is just miserable. Look how wide that road is: that’s not a quiet neighborhood road, that’s a busy main road. Not only are those high traffic areas, but they’re also breeding grounds for suburban cops (trust me, I was nabbed by plenty of those guys in my day).

In all seriousness, short of trying to ‘Keke, Do You Love Me?’ their ass the highway, this literally looks like the worst spot imaginable to try and pull this off. Millenials, man.

And could you imagine how dumb this person must feel? One second you’re giggling with the hopes that at least 100 people like your Insta video and the next you’re trying to figure out how many points a reckless driving charge is going to add to your license. Not to mention the monetary fines that come with these types of charges.

via City of Madera Police Department Facebook:

Last night one of the in-car-cameras in our patrol vehicles captured this dangerous incident. Fortunately, no one was injured. We have all seen the viral videos associated with the “Kiki challenge” and a number of them have involved the person in the roadway being injured or the driverless vehicle causing a collision. Please let common sense prevail!

Be aware that it is illegal for pedestrians to be in the roadway and for drivers to allow such activity. Participating in these type of dangerous activities can lead to tickets, fines, physical arrest and in worst case scenarios great bodily harm.

There are already plenty of distractions out there, don’t create another one.

Just an all-around disaster of an In My Feelings attempt. I think it’s time we put this viral trend to bed.


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