NCAA Basketball Will Allow Players To Have Agents, Return To School If Undrafted

There is some great news for NCAA basketball players following recent changes announced by the NCAA on Wednesday, Aug. 8. The NCAA announced the new rules which will give student-athletes more freedom and flexibility with their decisions on whether to go pro. Along with elite high school and college players having the ability to sign with NCAA certified agents, any player who goes undrafted will have the ability to return to school.
“College basketball players who request an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation, participate in the NBA combine and aren’t drafted can return to school as long as they notify their athletics director of their intent by 5 p.m. the Monday after the draft,” the NCAA announced. “This change is effective if/when the NBA and NBPA make an expected rule change, which would make undrafted student-athletes who return to college after the draft ineligible for the NBA until the end of the next college basketball season.”
The changes regarding agent representation can be seen below:

Agent representation for high school students

Pending a decision by the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association, high school basketball players can be represented by an agent beginning July 1 before their senior year in high school, provided they have been identified as an elite senior prospect by USA Basketball.
The effective date will be decided if/when the NBA and the NBPA permit high school students to enter the draft.

Agent representation for college students

College basketball players can be represented by an agent beginning after any basketball season if they request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee.
This rule change is effective immediately.

If the agents provide meals or transportation for the players, it will not be a violation.
“Agents can pay for meals and transportation for players and their families if the expenses are related to the agent selection process. Also, the student cannot miss class, and the money must be spent where the student lives or attends school. Additionally, high school and college student-athletes and their families can have meals, transportation and lodging paid for by an agent if those expenses are associated with meetings with the agent or a pro team,” the NCAA clarified.
It’s a positive step forward for the student-athletes who are looking to make informed decisions about their future. Too often, players make the wrong choice to declare for the draft and then find themselves without an education and without a job.

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