Moving Into College: Top 5 Best Tips To Make Moving Easier

College can be nerve-racking when for first-year college students. They are now a tiny fish in a much larger pond. Well, more like an ocean, but you get the picture. Moving in can be one of the scariest processes because it’s not only stressful and time-consuming, but somehow you always get lost. It can also be pretty expensive if you don’t budget your move and furnishings properly. No matter how hard you try, there will always be one meltdown, and they are not from saying goodbye. But, don’t let those tears fall we are here to save the day. Follow these tips and moving day will seem like a breeze.

Arrive Before Moving Day

Plan ahead and arrive ahead. It’s best to arrive a day before the day you move into your dorm to collect yourself. Sometimes it’s even better to arrive a couple days to get fully aware of your surroundings. Maybe take a walk around campus and familiarize yourself with the buildings and landscape. You are stuck there for four years, so you are going to have to know where you are going unless you want to get lost during your senior year.

Plan Ahead With Roommates

Depending on how many roommates you have, get into contact with them a week or two before to prepare your dorm room. Split up the more significant items you all want. Have one take over the electronics while you take the fridge and kitchen items, or switch it. Sometimes planning with your roommate will make moving day a little more comfortable with what you need to carry in, it also helps with not having two of the same thing. You don’t need two microwaves in one room.

Pack The Essentials First

Moving day sucks, everyone is moving in the same day, and you can never avoid the crowds. So, carrying a fridge across campus is never a good idea especially with hundreds of other students doing the same thing. Be smart, pack the essential items. Like, bedding, shower gear, clothing, class stuff, and toiletries. Wait to get the bigger stuff either the next day or the day after. That way everyone is all moved in, and there are fewer people to have to walk around when lifting the more significant items.

Organize Your Room Later

Some students are super excited to decorate their room or set it up. Our best advice, save it for later in the afternoon. Get all your stuff into your dorm room before you start making your bed. You need all the strength to get your bags and boxes to your place. Once you have everything in your room, you have permission from us to start unpacking.

See What You Need & Plan For The Next Day Purchases

Once entirely moved in and unpacked, talk to your roommate and see what you need to get. This is where you plan for your more significant items to come in. Do you want to get a TV, a stereo system, mini-fridge, coffee maker? The big pieces you can last a few days without and can go grab at Target when the campus is less crowded. You will thank us later.

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