Nicolas Maduro Assassination Attempt: Full Story Of Drone Attack On Venezualan President

Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, was the target of an assassination attempt on Saturday, Aug. 4. While President Maduro was speaking during a military parade, two explosions set off panic in the crowd. The entire incident was caught on camera as Maduro was addressing those in attendance. The speech was taking place in the capital of Caracas during a military parade celebrating the National Guard’s 81st anniversary.
Maduro was standing next to his wife, Cilia Flores, and several high-ranking military officials at the time the explosions began. He was quickly rushed to safety.
“To the conscious Venezuela, we are going to bet for the good of our country, the hour of the economic recovery has come and we need,” Maduro was saying before being interrupted by the blasts.
The state TV broadcast cut away from the scene as spectators began running for safety.

A second angle of the explosion shows the immediate reaction and rush to protect Maduro.

According to the Venezuelan Communications minister Jorge Rodriguez, multiple drones with explosives attached did not detonate, but the few that did left at least seven military members wounded.
“At exactly 5:41 p.m. in the afternoon several explosions were heard,” Rodriguez added. “The investigation clearly reveals they came from drone-like devices that carried explosives.”

First responders on the scene, including firefighters, are disputing the government’s story about the series of events. At least three officials have said that the explosion was a gas tank explosion inside of an apartment.
President Maduro has said he believes Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos was behind the alleged “drone attack.”

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