A Bunch Of Goats Have Overtaken Boise, Idaho

Approximately 100 goats were on the loose this morning in Boise, Idaho.

According to KTVB’s Joe Parris, while no one originally knew where the goats came from, they were eventually cornered and loaded back into a truck owned by a company called “We Rent Goats”.

#Breaking – About 100 goats are on the loose right now in a #Boise neighborhood. They are going house to house eating everything in sight. Nobody has a clue where they came from…updates to follow pic.twitter.com/K0ghUwQEfk

— Joe Parris (@KTVBJoe) August 3, 2018

Here is a live look at #Boise Goat-a-Paloza 2018 pic.twitter.com/RTZR6bWsRP

— Joe Parris (@KTVBJoe) August 3, 2018

And yes, We Rent Goats is a very real company that does exactly what their name says — rent goats.

via WeRentGoats:

We rent herds of goats to remove noxious weeds from fields, acreage, pastures, open spaces, ditches, ravines, embankments… you name it and the goats can clear it. Our goal is to help you restore and protect your property—whether that means getting rid of non-native weeds that are ruining your acreage, or creating fire barriers around your home, ranch, outbuildings, or housing development. We even clear land around golf courses (and find a heck of a lot of golf balls in the process!).

Unfortunately, the party was over as soon as it started, as the goats were swiftly corralled back into the WeRentGoats truck.

Only in the Midwest, man. Oh, and maybe Florida.

screenshot via @KTVBJoe

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