These Are The 10 Weirdest College Majors & Degrees

Millennials are always getting mocked for majoring in things like Liberal Arts, Gender Studies, and other vague programs while pursuing their college degree. But did you know there are much more niche areas of study? Well, there are, so tell your grumpy old grandpa to let you enjoy your degree in English because you could be having an even harder time looking for a job if you made a different choice.
There are programs out there Adventure Education, Citrus, and Bagpiping that allow you to enjoy what you love while taking in the college experience, but also leave you with a very small job market and have your friends saying, “You majored in what?!”
So what are some of the most bizarre and unique college majors across the country?
The top 10 weirdest college majors can be seen below.

10. Bowling Industry Management and Technology, Vincennes University

No, this major isn’t at Bowling Green University, but it is perfect for anyone who really likes to spend their free time at the bowling alley. The thrilling major offers courses like Lane and Pinsetter Maintenance, Pro Shop Operations, and Bowling Lanes Management. Never again will you have to pay to rent your bowling shoes for a nice night on the lanes.
As for who is responsible for the major, take your questions and concerns to Vincennes University

9. Floral Management, Mississippi State University

Mississippi State offers a number of programs, but if you’re struggling to figure out what you want to major in, why not check out their Floral Management degree. It will teach you all about “sourcing, purchasing, distributing, marketing, designing with, and selling floricultural products.”
Throughout the program, you will get first-hand professional work thanks to The University Florist, a professional flower shop owned and operated by the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences on the MSU Campus.
Then you can be your best friend’s go-to wedding and bridal design planner if you get snubbed as a bridesmaid.

8. Bagpiping, Carnegie Mellon University

This is pretty self-explanatory. There are a number of music education programs across the country and different disciplines that you can study, but Carnegie Mellon takes the cake by offering up a Bagpiping program. If you end up completing the program, you can have the distinction of being a very qualified… bagpipe teacher?
If bagpiping isn’t your thing, Carnegie Mellon can also help you out with your goals as a euphonium, guitar, and saxophone teacher.

7. Fermentation Science, Appalachian State University

Appalachian State once beat Michigan on a last-second blocked field goal. But it looks like they’ve been stepping their game up since then. We all know the students partied hard after the unlikely upset, so maybe that’s how they came up with the “Fermentation Sciences” program. The program helps you understand “food and beverage production” while digging deep into wine and brewing systems.
Core classes include:

  • Principles of Fermentation Science
  • Social Implications of Fermented Beverages
  • Viticulture: Vine Physiology and Vineyard Establishment
  • Facility Design and Operation
  • Wine Production and Analysis
  • Brewing Science and Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer

6. Citrus, Florida Southern College

We get it. Florida is the Sunshine State and they produce some pretty delicious oranges, but Florida Southern College has taken things to the next level by offering a degree in Citrus. That’s right, you can study how to plant, grow, and manage your favorite fruits and come away with a college degree.
“We have the nation’s only bachelor’s degree program specifically in citrus and is known throughout Florida’s citrus industry for the quality of our program,” the university states. And we aren’t surprised.
Mama has never been prouder.

5. Beatles, Popular Music, & Society, Liverpool Hope University

We have to start this off by saying that the program is offered at Liverpool Hope University in the United Kingdom, because that explains everything. But in this program, you get to sit around and listen to The Beatles. The course is officially supposed to “examine the significance of the music of The Beatles in the construction of identities, audiences, ethnicities and industries, and localities,” but it’s also perfect for people who want to show up to class stoned and reminisce about the good ole days.
If your goal in life is to be a “Beatles Historian,” this is the perfect program for you.

4. Foresight, Houston

Hindsight is 20/20, but Foresight is apparently a Master of Science program at the University of Houston. You may be asking yourself: “Is Foresight some sort of psychic program?” Well, kind of. The program goal is to help “clients and employers anticipate significant changes that lie ahead and to influence those changes to achieve their long-term goals.”
Is your instructor Miss Cleo?

3. Adventure Education, Plymouth State University

If you like working outdoors, Plymouth State has the perfect major for you. And while it may not be “weird” to enjoy activities like kayaking or rock climbing, it is a bit questionable that a university would set aside curriculum for such a major. But hey, whatever you have to do to get by.
From the course description:

So, as an Adventure Education major, you will be leading backpacking expeditions, facilitating a ropes course, climbing rocks, ascending alpine summits, and paddling rivers for three reasons-first to learn the professional and technical skills to operate competently and safely in these environments, second to learn how to instruct others in these adventure activities, and third to learn how to frame these experiences so that your clients and students grow personally and professionally.

2. Packaging Science, Clemson

I won’t lie. At first, I thought this program simply taught you how to pack up a truck or UHAUL if you had to get on the move. But as it turns out, it’s even simpler than that. In the Packaging Science program, you learn how to, well, package all sorts of different products.
“Packaging science majors first complete basic course work in science and math before delving into the intricacies of packaging design, materials, polymers and distribution. A strong science and math background is essential for success,” Clemson’s website reads.

1. Auctioneering, Harrisburg Area Community College

The weirdest major right now has to be Auctioneering. After all, what are you going to learn? Are you really going to college to learn how to speak fast? That seems to be exactly what is going on at Harrisburg area Community College with the course description reading, “Do you want to learn the auction ‘chant’ and sell at least 70 items per minute? If you do, you may be well-suited to work as an auctioneer or for a licensed auctioneer. Take some time to read below and learn more about how you can obtain a diploma in auctioneering.”
Just have a yard sale or something, and save your money.

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