Pittsburgh Panthers Football 2018-19: Predictions & Preview

With a shocking win in last year’s season finale against Miami, Pitt comes into the 2018 season riding some momentum. That win proved that Pitt was a lot more talented than that five win, seven loss record they had to show for. While expectations will be held in check for the Panthers, thanks to one of the most challenging non-conference schedules in the entire nation, if Pitt can steal one of those games, the road back to an eight-win season seems plausible and a showdown with Clemson for a BCS bid is far closer than just a dream.

2018-2019 Summary


Coming off another disappointing year, Pat Narduzzi’s group is poised to make some noise in 2018. They will be put in the gauntlet in their non-conference games with matchups against Penn State, UCF, and Notre Dame. If they can pass one of these challenging tests, their road back to an eight-win season is doable. The ACC is talent-depleted, leaving an opening for another team to step up and give Clemson a real threat. In the weaker Coastal division, the likely challenger to stop Clemson’s run will either be Miami, Virginia Tech, or Pitt. Pittsburgh is definitely improving under coach Narduzzi, but Virginia Tech and Miami are still the alphas in this weaker division and both will likely get by Pitt. With that said, going from 5-7 to 8-4 would be a huge accomplishment for the Panthers and would ensure this is a team to take note of for the next five seasons.

Record: Wins 8, Losses 4

Week 1: Pittsburgh 34, Albany 7 (W)
Week 2: Pittsburgh 21, Penn State 27 (L)
Week 3: Pittsburgh 30, Georgia Tech, 24 (W)
Week 4: Pittsburgh 28, North Carolina 14 (W)
Week 5: Pittsburgh 24, UCF 41 (L)
Week 6: Pittsburgh 38, Syracuse 23 (W)
Week 7: Pittsburgh 21, Notre Dame 18 (W)
Week 8: Bye
Week 9: Pittsburgh 27, Duke 20 (W)
Week 10: Pittsburgh 38, Virginia 13 (W)
Week 11: Pittsburgh 21, Virginia Tech 25 (L)
Week 12: Pittsburgh 30, Wake Forest 23 (W)
Week 13: Pittsburgh 17, Miami 27 (L)

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