WATCH: Stephen Colbert Calls Out Boss Leslie Moonves Over Sexual Harassment Controversy

While Stephen Colbert usually uses his time on air to make the audience laugh and shed light on the recent events in the world, on Monday, July 30, he discussed a recent controversy that struck close to home for the CBS network and he did not hold back.
Colbert was behind his desk when he began calling out his boss at the network, Leslie Moonves, who has found himself surrounded by a sexual harassment controversy that was unearthed in a New Yorker article by Ronan Farrow, who also helped expose Harvey Weinstein when the “#MeToo” movement was first gaining momentum.
The late-night host first commented on the controversy from his monologue, before expanding on his comments and calling for accountability.
“It’s strange to have to say this but powerful men taking advantage of relatively powerless employees is wrong,” Colbert said. “We know its wrong now and we knew it was wrong then. How do we know? Because the men tried to keep the story from coming out then. I believe in accountability. Everybody believes in accountability until it’s their guy, and make no mistake: Les Moonves is my guy.
“Accountability is meaningless, unless it’s for everybody, whether its the leader of a network or the leader of the free world.”
You can watch Colbert’s comments below.

Moonves, who is the CEO of CBS and a CBS Corp. chairman since 2003, will remain in his role as the network investigates the sexual misconduct allegations, according to the company’s Board of Directors, who held a meeting on Monday.
A statement from the company read, “Its Board of Directors is in the process of selecting outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation. No other action was taken on this matter at today’s board meeting. Additionally, the Board determined to postpone CBS Corporation’s 2018 annual meeting of stockholders that was previously scheduled to be held on August 10, 2018.”

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