Last Chance U Season 3 Cast: Where Are They Now?

The Netflix hit documentary “Last Chance U” returned for season 3 earlier this month. It was the same hard-hitting show giving an all-access look at a community college football program, but this time we shifted from East Mississippi Community College in Scooba, Mississippi to Independence Community College in Kansas.
Once again, we met a brash coach and a number of players who were looking to take their skills to the next level to pursue their dreams of playing Division I football.
Along the way, we got to learn about some of the troubled pasts of the show’s stars, we met a willing mentor who was trying to get the best out of the young men, and those who put it in all of the work to earn the scholarship offers they were hoping for.
From players like Malik Henry to Rakeem Boyd and Emmit Goodwin to Bobby Bruce, there were players you could root for, players you were worried about, and those who had their captivating stories.
So where did the top stars from the show end up for the 2018 college football season? Let’s take a look.

Malik Henry, Quarterback

Malik Henry entered this season of “Last Chance U” as the most well-known player on the team. The star signal-caller was a top recruit when he enrolled at Florida State, but he quickly left the program for reasons that remain unclear. However, early on in season 3, it became clear that his attitude and temper made him a difficult player to deal with.
Throughout the season, Henry often found himself jawing with opponents and even getting in verbal altercations with the Independence coaching staff.
The concerns over his attitude seem to have made programs hesitant about giving him a shot under center and he has yet to receive a Division I offer.

Bobby Bruce, Linebacker

Bruce was described by the coaching staff as an undisciplined player. Throughout the season, there was a bit of foreshadowing when Bruce discussed how he nearly got in trouble before coming to Independence and that if he returned home he would be putting himself in bad situations.
The coaching staff even referenced season 2 star Isaiah Wright, who was arrested for murder.
At the end of the season, concerns about Bruce’s off-field issues proved to be accurate when it was revealed that he had been arrested for robbery. From a Florida Today report:

Police say the assailants in the case used Snapchat — a mobile app that allows users to send messages and photos that expire after they have been viewed — to lure the victim into a trap outside his home.
Dwight Bobby Bruce, 20, of the 1000 block of Kennedy Court, Titusville, is charged with armed robbery. He joins his alleged partner in the crime, Andreal Curry, 19, who was arrested Tuesday.
Bruce and Curry were each being held Saturday at the Brevard County Jail on $100,000 bond.

Despite the issues, it appears that Bruce will be returning to Independence for the 2018 season.

Emmit Gooden, Defensive Line

Gooden was one of the best on-field performers for Independence during the 2017 season, recording 81 tackles. He was consistently seen throughout the season coming up with big plays for the Pirates and he turned that standout performance into a Division I offer.
Not only will Gooden be playing at the Division I level, he will be playing in the SEC after signing with the Tennessee Volunteers, the school he originally committed to in 2014.

Rakeem Boyd, Running Back

Rakeem Boyd transfered to Independence from Texas A&M. He was one of the most talented players on the roster, but quickly lost his starting job due to inconsistency on the field. However, Boyd was still able to lead the team in rushing and turned that into a high-profile offer, joining Emmit Gooden in the SEC.
When the 2018 season rolls around, Boyd will be suiting up for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Kingston Davis, Running Back

After dropping to the JUCO level from Michigan, Davis found himself buried on the depth chart behind Boyd and Jamal Scott. However, despite the lack of playing time and not being featured in the background, Davis will be suiting up next season for UAB.

Other players from Independence Community College who will resume their college football careers in Division I or Division II can be seen below, via 247 Sports:

  • WR Carlos Thompson: Missouri Western State
  • C Kerry Buckmaster: Lindenwood
  • OT Tramonda Moore: Oklahoma
  • DT Dantrell Barkley: Charlotte
  • CB Delrick Abrams Jr.: Colorado
  • CB D.J. Williams: Utah State
  • WR Calvin Jackson: Washington State
  • DT Jajuan Blankenship: Tulsa
  • LB Tim Faison: North Texas
  • CB Zedrick Raymond: Miami (Ohio)
  • Dior Johnson: Murray State
  • OT Keith Williams: Colorado State

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