ACC Football 2018-19: Predictions & Conference Preview

For the first time in years, the ACC has a legitimate shot to send a whopping 11 teams to go bowling. After sporting a weak conference year after year, things appear to finally be coming together for the ACC teams that seem like a random variable each year. With that said, things shouldn’t look too different at the top with Clemson looking as strong as ever in the Atlantic division, while it is looking like Miami and Virginia Tech will battle it out to see who represents the Coastal. Clemson is the national contender, no doubts there, but Miami and Virginia Tech each have the potential to make their own BCS and possible playoff push.

2018-2019 Summary

Traditionally one of the weakest Power Five conferences year to year, things may actually be looking up for the ACC in the 2018-2019 season. They should return to be a top-heavy conference with Clemson looking loaded as usual, along with Virginia Tech and Miami. Furthermore, Florida State is also primed for a bounce-back season with a plethora of talent, while teams like Pittsburgh, NC State, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech all have the potential to put together a nine-win season. It’s going to be a fun season in the ACC and it will also be interesting to see how many teams they can send bowling with Boston College, Duke, and Louisville all having a legitimate shot at reaching the six-win mark. It looks like things may be finally changing for the better in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

ACC Football Standings


Clemson – Wins 12, Losses 0
Florida State – Wins 9, Losses 3
NC State – Wins 9, Losses 3
Wake Forest – Wins 7, Losses 5
Boston College – Wins 5, Losses 7
Louisville – Wins 5, Losses 7
Syracuse – Wins 4, Losses 8


Virginia Tech – Wins 11, Losses 1
Miami Fl – Wins 11, Losses 1
Pittsburgh – Wins 8, Losses 4
Georgia Tech – Wins 7, Losses 5
Duke – Wins 6, Losses 6
Virginia – Wins 4, Losses 8
North Carolina – Wins 4, Losses 8

The Internet Is Savagely Roasting John Wall Over His Team USA Photo
The Internet Is Savagely Roasting John Wall Over His Team USA Photo
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