Who Is Karlie Kloss' Fiance Joshua Kushner?

Joshua Kushner is more than just Karlie Kloss’ fiance or Jared Kushner’s younger brother. This 33-year-old millionaire businessman has been at the helm of successful start-ups since his college years.
Karlie Kloss, 25-year-old supermodel and T-Swift squad member, posted an Instagram confirming her engagement to Joshua Kushner on July 24, 2018. Kloss and Kushner have been together since 2012, but have managed to keep their relationship fairly private over the past six years.


Who Is Joshua Kushner?

Joshua Kushner is a successful young entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Kushner graduated from Harvard College in 2008 and Harvard Business School in 2011. As an undergraduate in 2007, Kushner helped found Vostu, which became the largest social gaming company in Latin America.
Among many other resume highlights, Kushner became the founder of private equity and venture capital firm Thrive Capital at age 24. Three years later, he co-founded health insurance start-up Oscar Health (named after his great-grandfather), which aims to make health insurance more consumer friendly. Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and other similar lists gave spots to Kushner for his work on Thrive when he was just 26.
After escaping the Holocaust, Kushner’s paternal grandparents became leaders in the New Jersey Jewish community. Their son Charles Kushner, Joshua’s father, is a real estate developer who spent a year in federal prison on charges of tax evasion, witness tampering and illegal campaign contributions.
If you haven’t figured it out already, Joshua is also the younger brother of Jared Kushner. They were raised with their sisters in Livingston, New Jersey, where they attended Jewish day school.

What Are His Politics?

His brother may be the son-in-law of and senior advisor to President Trump, but the younger Kushner seems to be more politically aligned with his fiance, who supported the Clinton ticket. In a 2016 Esquire piece, a spokesperson for Joshua said, “Josh is a lifelong Democrat and will not be voting for Donald Trump in November”, but he loves his brother and was not willing to say anything that could potentially embarrass him.
The day after Trump’s inauguration, Kushner attended the Women’s March in Washington, DC. On March 23, 2018, he posted a picture on Instagram (a company he has invested millions in, by the way) of the hashtag #iwillmarch in support of March for Our Lives, an anti-gun-violence movement. Two days later, he posted a picture from the march of Kloss holding a sign saying “load minds not guns”. Axios reported that Kushner donated $50,000 to the March for Our Lives organization.


After the election, Kushner held one-on-one meetings with employees of Thrive and other start-ups to make clear that he had no personal ties to the administration. This approach seemed to be effective, and Kushner’s businesses did not suffer as a result of his brother’s position in the White House. Since then, he has continued to make decisions based on the well-being of his businesses instead of politics.


Do Joshua And Jared Get Along?

Despite political differences, the Kushners stay close. They co-founded real estate technology company Cadre with their friend Ryan Williams in 2015. In a 2017 story on Joshua which focused on his political leanings and the impact of the election on his businesses, Forbes reported that he calls Ivanka his sister and speaks to his brother every day.


Kloss and Kushner live close to his office in New York City. Like his fiance, Kushner keeps his private life private, so we don’t know much about what he does in his spare time. We do know that he calls Ashton Kutcher a good friend, so he can hopefully offer more information on the soon-to-be groom.
More importantly, he seems smitten with Karlie. The pair has kept each other company as they have risen to the top of their respective industries, often across the globe. A half-hour after his bride-to-be made the big announcement on Instagram, Kushner posted a radiant photo of Kloss with the caption, “fiancé ❤️”.


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