Oksana Shachko Cause Of Death: How Did FEMEN Co-Founder Die?

Oksana Shachko, a Ukrainian artist, and activist who co-founded FEMEN, has died at age 27. Shachko ided on Monday, July 23, according to friends close to her. FEMEN would regularly hold demonstrations against the sexual exploitation of Ukrainian women and sex tourism. The group would often engage in their protests topless and were protesting for women’s and civil rights in her country and around the world.
She was currently living in Paris, France and focusing on her work as a painter after being granted political refugee status in 2013.
The information regarding Shachko’s death can be seen below.

Oksana Shachko Cause of Death: Suicide (Hanging)







FEMEN co-founder Anna Hutsol confirmed the death of Oksana Shachko, who was born January 31, 2987 in Khmelnytskyi, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union, and stated preliminary results were suicide by hanging.
“Preliminary reports say it’s suicide, but we are waiting for an official report from police. Oksana hanged herself. Her friends say last time they saw her was on Friday, while yesterday they decided to knock out the door and that’s how they found her,” a fellow FEMEN co-founder, Anna Hutsol, told Ukrayinska Pravda.
“As far as I know, she was concerned that everything is going badly in the world,” Hutsol added.
According to her friends, it was the third time that Shachko attempted suicide in the past two years, leaving behind a suicide note which read: “You are all a fake.”
“RIP. The most fearless and vulnerable Oksana Shachko has left us,” a statement on the Femen website read after news of her death became public .. “We mourn together with her relatives and friends and [await] the official version from the police.”
“At the moment it is known that yesterday, July 23, Oksana’s body was found in her apartment in Paris. According to her friends, she left a suicide note,”

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