Shark Week 2018 Schedule: Dates, Times and Full Lineup

Shark Week is an established American tradition arguably just as important as the Fourth of July or the Superbowl. Well, maybe not “as important” but it does have one thing the other two don’t which is sharks! (At least usually). Anyways the point is Shark Week starts on July 22nd and is looking to be one of the best ones yet. While in the past I will admit there have some disappointments such as “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” where all that was revealed was that the megalodon did not, in fact, live, as well as a special titled “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs Great White” which was supposed to feature a race between the two but ended up just being a simulation.
Now I don’t know If I was really expecting megalodons to exist or an Olympian race a great white but a man has got to dream! Despite these past disappointments though It’s important to remain optimistic, and with this years line up as well as the event being hosted by Shaq (meaning it’s now called Shaq Week) it’s honestly hard not to be. That being said here’s everything you need to know about Shark Week 2018.

Sunday, July 22


7:00 PM. EDT – Alien Sharks Greatest Hits – A special going over the biggest discoveries, weirdest adaptations, and most memorable moments from the past five years of Alien Sharks.
8:00 PM EDT – Bear vs Shark – Not as cool as you would hope but still very worth watching, we won’t get to see a grizzly and great white go head to head but we will get to watch Bear Grylls face off against some sharks.
9:00 PM EDT – Shaq Does Shark Week – Shaquille O’Neal takes over as host of the first ever Shaq week. Apparently, sharks scare Shaq though (even though they are about the same size) so ex-marine Rob Riggle will be there to help him overcome his fear and get in the water.
10:00 PM EDT – Ronda Rousey Uncaged – Ronda Rousey gets shark survival training and learns what it would take to go a few rounds with one.
11:00 PM EDT – Shark After Dark (Episode 1) – A live late night shark talk show featuring celebrities and shark experts.

Monday, July 23

8 PM EDT – Monster Tag – Athletes Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn, and Rob Gronkowski all come together to learn about sharks and how to save the oceans most beloved murder fish.
9:00 PM EDT – Great White Abyss – Two shark experts make the first manned mission to the depths of Guadalupe Island’s seafloor in search of a shark rumored to be twenty feet long.
10:00 PM EDT – Cuba’s Secret Shark Lair – After one of the largest ever sharks was found in Cuban waters, two teams of researchers now combine their efforts to find two more Cuban sharks also rumored to be massive.
11:00 PM EDT– Shark After Dark (Episode 2) – A live late night shark talk show featuring celebrities and shark experts.

Tuesday, July 24


8:00 PM EDT – Guy Fieri’s Feeding Frenzy – Guy Fieri and Shark Week team up (if you’re not already soled I don’t know what else I can do) to discuss why the waters around the Bahamas are the ideal feeding grounds for sharks.
9:00 PM EDT – Laws of Jaws – Shark attacks are apparently on the rise and three expert divers are making it their mission to find out why.
10 PM EDT – Air Jaws: The Hunted – Five dead sharks were found washed up in 2017 and are thought to have been eaten alive, a shark expert is doing what she can to find out what happened.
11:00 PM EDT – Shark After Dark (Episode 3) –  A live late night shark talk show featuring celebrities and shark experts.

Wednesday, July 25


8:00 PM EDT – Air Jaws: Back from the Dead – A continuation of the Air Jaws series, two men travel to New Zealand to try to find the next hot spot for air born sharks.
9:00 PM EDT – Shark Tank Meets Shark Week – It’s an episode of Shark Tank within Shark Week, effectively creating shark-ception! In this episode, the Sharks (the people) get to decide which shark conservation program will receive $50,000.
10:00 PM EDT – SharkCam Special – A shark expert and his team use shark cams to try and discover the natural behavior of great whites and bull sharks.
11:00 PM EDT – Shark After Dark (Episode 4) – A live late night shark talk show featuring celebrities and shark experts.

Thursday, July 26

8:00 PM EDT – Sharkcam Strikes Back – A look back at some of the great discoveries made over the years utilizing shark cams.
9:00 PM EDT – Sharkwecked – In one of the most dangerous Shark Week stunts yet, two men will be shipwrecked with no food or water for 48 hours. As they grow weaker the risk of shark attack increases, will they survive? Probably! But it still might be exciting to watch regardless.
10:00 PM EDT – Tiger Shark Ecosystem –  A shark expert discusses how over the last ten years tiger sharks have been responsible for re-setting one of the worlds largest eco-systems.
11:00 PM EDT – Shark After Dark (Episode 5) –  A live late night shark talk show featuring celebrities and shark experts.

Friday, July 27


8:00 PM EDT – Megalodon: Fact vs Fiction – Shark experts discuss what would happen if the Megalodon still lived today, it totally doesn’t, but that won’t stop them from talking about it!
9:00 PM EDT – Bloodline: Spawn of Jaws – It was sharks found off the coast of Long Island that initially spurred the idea for Jaws, and while none of those sharks no longer exist, a shark expert believes their bloodline may still be out there.
10:00 PM EDT – Great White Shark Babies – Three shark experts team up to find out where the pregnant females of Guadalupe go to have their pups.
11:00 PM EDT – Jaws – You already know this classic, there’s a shark that’s too big and a boat that’s not big enough.

Saturday, July 28

9:00 PM EDT – Return of the Megashark – In a search for the largest of the great whites called Megasharks, Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande travel to New Zeland to find some of these behemoths.
10:00 PM EDT – Sharks Gone Wild – I guess it’s what you think it that there will be a bunch of topless sharks, but this is just due to sharks typically not wearing clothes. Really it’s just a clip show that features some of the internets most viral shark videos from the past year.
11:00 PM EDT – Jaws III – Jaws is back… for the third time! Actually, I think it’s Jaws’s daughter or something in this one, anyways there’s going to be a shark and it’s going to murder a whole bunch of people is the main thing.

Sunday, July 29

7:00 – 11:00 PM EDT – Naked and Afraid (with sharks) – It’s Naked and Afraid but with way more sharks than usual. What more could you want really than watching a couple of nude people trying not to get munched to death by sharks? I’m certainly sold.

And that’s this year’s Shark Week schedule! It’s looking to be a great one, and with cameos from Shaq, Bear Grylls, and Guy Fieri who all, as far as I know, have not been reported to have been attacked by a shark recently which means the episodes went well. With that being said it should be an entertaining week that hopefully causes less outrage than previous years!

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