Shark Week 2018 Memes: Funny Photos & Images

Shark Week, television at its finest, is here again! To help you get into the spirit of things, we’ve collected memes from around the internet celebrating Shark Week and everything shark-related. Because who doesn’t love sharks? Seriously, sharks even somehow make tornadoes better!
For those unfamiliar with the event, Shark Week is an annual, week-long television block brought to us from the Discovery Channel. First starting in 1088, the event has just been too successful to stop! For its 2018 run, Discovery even promoted the event with a countdown clock on its website!
Over the years, the event has sometimes delved a little to into its celebrity status. Celebrities sometimes help host the event. A shark-themed video game was released to help celebrate its 20th anniversary. Infamously, in 2017, the event even hosted a heavily promoted race between Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps and a Great White shark; unfortunately, it later turned out that the shark involved with the race was a computer simulation.
This year, for 2018, Shark Week starts on Sunday, July 22, 2018, with “Bear vs. Shark,” a special in which Bear Grylls will put his survival skills to use and act as human bait for sharks, airing at 8 P.M. EDT/PDT. Lasting an hour, it will be followed up by “Shaq Does Shark Week,” in which Shaquille O’Neal will try to overcome a fear of sharks with the help of former Marine and “Daily Show” alumnus Rob Riggle. At around 10 P.M. EDT/PDT, the night will end with “Ronda Rousey Uncaged,” Holly Holm, UFC‘s biggest female star, will undergo survival training with a real-life shark-attack survivor and face off against a real-life mako shark.
Just because the night will be over doesn’t mean that’s the end. This is Shark Week, remember? With television events on the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the event will end on the following Sunday with the special, “Naked and Afraid of Sharks,” in which veterans for fend of themselves for two weeks near shark-infested waters. Don’t worry. You don’t have to participate. You just need to watch!

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