Top 10 Most Hated Videos On Youtube By The Numbers




In 2018, YouTube is the undisputed launchpad for talent, and talent’s opposite alike. And, no matter if it’s a rising star or a crazy cat in front of the camera, internet trolls are sure to camp out in the comment section to draw blood. For better or for worse, these videos are, empirically speaking, the most hated uploads ever to grace YouTube with their presence. For this list, deliberate attempts to get hate attention are not included (PewDiePie) (RiceGum). Videos are also organized based on the “dislike” to “like” ratio although several honorable mentions are included based on the sheer number of dislikes they received. Make sure to click the links to these videos and do your part in adding to the dislike count total!

The numbers at the top of each video represent the percentage of dislikes the video received.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions:

Pokemon GO Song


It feels wrong to add to the extremely negative and persistent backlash this video has received, but rules are rules. “Misha,” a ten-year-old boy uploaded this hopeful banger back when Pokemon Go was a thing. It’s not particularly impressive, lyrically speaking, but I knew every word by the time the video was over, so maybe that says something. The video currently has 1.6 Million dislikes. Err… 1,600,001 dislikes 😉


Justin Bieber‘s “Baby” is the number one disliked video of all time, with 9.6 million dislikes. To be fair, it has equally as many likes. But, to be fair again, It’s almost 10 years old. To be even fairer, it is still awful and a founding father of proceeding cringy videos. See if you can spot Drake and his precious smile! Finally, in the interest of fairness, the song itself is not worthy of the hate it received – it was the video all along. Nobody likes big, loud groups at bowling alleys to begin with, but when it becomes an adolescent dance party ft. wingman Ludacris, the level of thoughtlessness becomes too much to handle.

It’s Everyday Bro


Jake and Logan Paul are the remanents of the Vine app that migrated to YouTube when their motherland was destroyed by Twitter. Unfortunately, they handled the move well and took advantage of the extended time limits on YouTube videos to broadcast their awfulness even longer and more often. “It’s Everyday Bro” is an arrogant anthem written by Jake Paul that taunts people for calling him out on being arrogant. The most memorable lyric in the whole video, even more so than “It’s Everyday Bro” itself, is “England is my City,” and it just gets dumber from there.



“Sweatshirt” is cut from the same block as “It’s Everyday Bro.” Jacob Sartorius, another Viner turned Youtuber, began pumping out music videos after his marketing team realized there was no way the “cute kid making videos” appeal would last forever. “Sweatshirt” is the result of that mounting sense of urgency and panic.

Cortando o Botão do YouTube


After Aruan Felix reached 100K followers on YouTube, he was awarded the customary YouTube silver button for his achievements. For whatever reason (the entire video is in Portuguese), he decided to saw it in half, and his followers were outraged.



Remakes aren’t ever favored over originals and in the case of this Ghostbusters remake, replacing the characters with women set off a large contingent of die-hard Ghostbusters fans. That was pretty much the only change, but it was enough to earn this video a solid million dislikes. For a more in-depth look as to why this movie got a firestorm of hate, watch this “Honest Trailer” below.



Rebecca Black’s “Friday” put her in YouTube jail for a long time. Her offense? Terrible music. Good on her for releasing a music video at such a young age, but the critics didn’t let her slide. “Friday” now has 3.2 Million dislikes and 123 Million views. She made somewhat of a recovery and still posts videos on occasion for her 1.1 Million followers.

Reacting to IDubbz’s Content Cop on Jake Paul


To understand why this video was so poorly received, you need to understand who IDubbz is. IDubbz is a youtube star who has almost 7 million followers, and his most popular videos are part of his “Content Cop” series, where he calls out other YouTubers on posting bad content. RiceGum got called out and his response was terrible. This video, as well as his actual response,  are both on the Top 50 most disliked videos on YouTube.

Bibi H – How it is ( wap bap … ) [Official Video]


This video was the last straw for some people with regards to non-sensical music and floury lyrics. The title and chorus speak for themselves. After only a couple of days of being online, the video received nearly 2 Million dislikes and currently hovers around 3 Million dislikes. Here’s an excerpt from the song:
“I met a guy, he knows my name, he also told me his. And if we want to have some fun, well, that just how it is”


Official Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s trailer got slammed with a tidal wave of dislikes primarily for the mistake of leaning further into Sci-Fi territory. Call of Duty became popular originally for being a World War Drama series, but now with its super suits and astronaut warfare, it was basically Halo for people who didn’t like Halo.

Эдвард Атева- ДИСС НА ЛИЗЗКУ #РукаЛицо


You’re on your own for this one. All we know is that this Russian video has almost 1 Million dislikes and 8 Million total views.



Viewer discretion advised. Rick Perry, Republican candidate for president in 2012, really, truly, believes what he is saying in this video. It is sort of scary that people like him still exist. Of course, the original upload was deleted a while ago, but the original video can still be found online. At its peak, the video had nearly 1 million dislikes.

YouTube Heroes / PSA from Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai


The worst video ever uploaded to YouTube was uploaded by YouTube themselves. YouTube “Heroes” was a proposed update to the YouTube community to allow users to mass report videos and abolish all instances of free speech in favor of censorship and avoiding hurt feelings. Of course, the trolls and all other sects in the YouTube Community, banded together to fight this evil for the common good. The original upload was removed, but the video can still be found below.  In the same vein of internet patriotism, Ajit Pai’s efforts to curb free speech by ending net neutrality were also met with the same fire and fury.

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Weed Strain of the Week: White Widow
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