HBO's Robin Williams Documentary Is A Must-Watch For All Millennials

HBO has come out with some pretty remarkable documentaries on larger than life personalities over the last year — Andre the Giant, Garry Shandling and Elvis Presley to name a few — and Come Inside My Mind, a Robin Williams documentary, seems like it’s going to be the most emotional of the bunch.
Of all the celebrity deaths I’ve lived through over the years, Robin Williams‘ hit home the hardest.
He was like a famous Dad for 90’s kids, as his appearances in films such as Dead Poet’s Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, JumanjiPatch Adams, Hook, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin and more were as paternal as any performances of the decade. Simply put, Williams was a second, more famous father to tons of millennials.
Simply put, for anyone born from 1981 to 1996 — otherwise known as millennials — this doc is looking like an absolute must-watch as it celebrates the life of one of the greatest entertainers of our childhood.

Vanity Fair says that the documentary — which features interviews with Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, his first wife, Valerie Velardi, and his oldest son, Zak Williams, — “gives a full portrayal of a complex character.”
Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind premieres on HBO on Monday, July 16 at 8 p.m. EST.
If you love Robin Williams as much as I do, make sure to read this story of the moment he “saved” a total stranger at LAX, a story that epitomizes Williams’ endless empathy:

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