Top 5 Most Liberal Colleges In America Right Now

If you are in the process of deciding on what college you would like to attend or just interested in what colleges adhere to the most liberal principles, then this list is for you. All the schools on here embody the progressive ideals and provide a unique campus experience.
For these ranking of liberal colleges, we took into account three different classifications and then compiled the list based off of those. The three used were Niche, the Princeton Review, and Best Colleges.
So, what colleges are the most liberal?

5. Sarah Lawrence College

Location: Bronxville, NY
Acceptance Rate: 53%
Sarah Lawrence College is continually praised for the school’s gender relations. The school has many policies to help with the inclusion of the LGBT community and provides a campus that is geographically, racially, and culturally diverse. Sarah Lawrence College curriculum centers around students taking part in community building.

4. Smith College

Location: Northampton, MA
Acceptance Rate: 37%
Smith College is one of the most “green” institutions in the country. Much of their schooling is to educate their students on improving the environment and being environmentally friendly. Smith College has a long history of notable liberal activists. Also, Smith College has been commended for its excellent gender relations.

3. Bennington College

Location: Bennington, VT
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Bennington College originally opened up as a woman’s college but has been coeducational for quite some time now. The school annually has the highest amount of students who identify as liberal. Bennington encourages its students to be involved actively with the community and provides small classes for a more hands-on learning environment.

2. University of Vermont

Location: Burlington, VT
Acceptance Rate: 69%
The Universtiy of Vermont was the first to admit women and African-Americans into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. The university provides many organizations for students to get involved totaling over 200 student organizations. Some of the top majors include environmental studies and political science and government. UVM receives high praise for its advocation of women’s and African-Americans’ participation in higher education.

1. Oberlin College

Location: Oberlin, OH
Acceptance Rate: 28%
Oberlin prides itself on its inclusivity and was the first coeducational college in America. The college has a solid track record of social justice and providing an accepting campus on gender, race, and sexual orientation issues. Oberlin was at the forefront of the abolition movement and admitted African-American students years before the civil war.

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