Havasu Falls Flooding: 200 Tourists Evacuated From Grand Canyon Area

The Havasu Falls area of the Grand Canyon will be closed for the foreseeable future. On Friday, July 14, the area was closed due to monsoon storms in Arizona that led to two waves of flash flooding. As a result of the flooding, 200 tourists were forced to be evacuated from the area.
The tourists were moved from a campground between Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls about two miles to the village of Supai, Arizona, according to Havasupai Tribal Council spokeswoman Abbie Fink.
Fink added that the area is expected to “remain closed for 7 to 10 days,” via USA TODAY.
The monsoon season generally runs through August.

“Flash flooding can occur without warning and without any rain where you are hiking,” a website for those with plans to visit Havasupai Campground says. “If you hear the flood waters approaching or if you are caught in a rainstorm, climb to high ground immediately and wait until it clears. Do not enter the narrow part of the canyon where you might not be able to climb the canyon walls in the event of an unexpected flood.”

Those visitors who were forced to evacuate the area will reportedly have the opportunity to rebook their trips to Havasu Falls. Evacuess are also having breakfast provided by Grand Canyon Caverns, a hotel near the area’s trailhead, and they are able to use the showers and telephones.
So while it is an unfortunate situation all around for those who were visiting the area, it’s great to see the Havasupai Tribal Council and hiking community has come together to make sure no injuries occurred.
“The hiking community has me speechless,” hiker Brian Volk wrote in a Facebook post. “Some of the hikers who went through the ordeal last night are offering to stay and help, rather than be evacuated. Imagine scrambling in fear for your life, losing your wallet, clothes, packs, sleeping in cramped conditions with only the clothes on your back. Then offering to stay and help.”

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