Mexican National Team Soccer Coach Caught Bringing His Main Piece & Side Piece To The Same World Cup Game

Mexico may not be the most skilled national team in the world on the field, but dammit, they are by far the most entertaining off the field.
Whether it be firing coaches at random will or reports that the team hosted approximately 30 prostitutes at a party right before the start of the World Cup, the Mexican national soccer team always seems to be surrounded by some sort of controversy.
However, just because their World Cup run ended in the Round of 16 does not mean the headlines have stopped. In fact, quite the opposite.
According to various reports, Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio reportedly brought both his wife and girlfriend to the team’s Round of 16 matchup against Brazil.
via Daily Mail:

The former footballer and manager is reported to have brazenly brought both his wife and mistress to the game where his team was defeated in the round of 16.
The married father-of-two, 56, has allegedly been having an extramarital affair with sports reporter Mariana Zacarías, 30, for two years, according to local reports which have called him out. Zacarías was seen at the game as well as Osorio’s wife, Juliet Osorio Ceballos, who was with the couple’s two sons, Juan Sebastián and Sergio.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the stadium, Zacarías sported a smile as she posed for social media photos. The brunette bombshell showed off her fit figure while representing the team by wearing a green tank top, matching high socks and shorts. Zacarías wrote in the photo caption: ‘Always with you…’ alongside a Mexican flag and heart emoji.

A source close to the coach and reporter told local news outlet TV Notas that Osorio’s mind has been occupied lately – and blamed the alleged love affair for him being ‘deconcentrated’.

In the states that’s known as pulling a Rich Rodriguez, named after the University of Arizona coach who also brought his main piece and side piece to a game.

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