Former USC Football Coach Steve Sarkisian Loses $30 Million Lawsuit Against School

Steve Sarkisian, the former head football coach at the University of Southern California, has lost a $30 million lawsuit against the university that claimed he was “improperly fired.”
Sarkisian, who was fired by USC in October 2015 after the school became aware of several incidents in which he was intoxicated while representing the university, says that the school fired him instead of allowing him to seek treatment for his alcoholism.
Staff suspected that Sarkisian was under the influence during USC’s 42-14 win over Arizona State in September 2015.
via ESPN:

An arbitrator has ruled in favor of USC in a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by former Trojans coach Steve Sarkisian. In the suit, Sarkisian was reportedly seeking $30 million, asserting that USC had not allowed him to seek treatment for alcoholism, which is recognized as a disability under the law.
The arbitrator ruled that USC is not responsible for any further compensation and denied the suit. USC athletic director Lynn Swann released a statement Monday acknowledging the arbitrator’s decision, which ruled against Sarkisian on all counts.
“We are pleased that the arbitration has reached its rightful conclusion and we wish Steve Sarkisian well,” Swann said in the statement.

Sarkisian wasn’t out of work for long, as he followed up his head coaching gig at USC with an assistant job at the University of Alabama before becoming the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons.
Following the ruling, Sarkisian released a statement saying he is “disappointed in the decision, but we will respect it and move on.”

“Much gratitude to everyone who has shown their support and stood by me. The last two years have been trying, but I am now in a great place, healthy, happy and loving my job with the Falcons and have the support of my family and friends, and that’s where my focus is and will remain,” the statement read.

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