The 5 Unhealthy Fruit & Vegetables You Should Avoid

Remember when your parents told you, you couldn’t have dessert unless you ate all your fruits and vegetables. Well, it turns out some of those fruits and vegetables aren’t as good as people think they are. Some of your favorite healthy snacks could be causing reactions in your body. You would think that everything freshly grown is healthy, but you all thought wrong. Here are five fruits and vegetables that are bad for you.



Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, French fries, everyone loves potatoes. It’s our favorite carb that we always want. But, while you may think it’s delicious, you need to see why it’s unhealthy for you. Potatoes are starch, and it’s not something that makes it harmful to eat. It just doesn’t give your body the nutrition other vegetables could provide you. Most potatoes are covered in pesticides that will cause problems in your liver for long periods of time.



A refreshing snack and tasty ingredient to any Mexican dish, but the peppers can cause inflammation in the body. This can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Peppers contain an alkaloid called solanine which can cause damage to nerve function leading to twitching and convulsions. Some people may not get these problems when eating peppers, but those who have arthritis should stay away from the colorful vegetable.



Usually found on a sandwich or covering eyes for a relaxing day at the spa, but what most people don’t know is cucumbers are at the top of the lists for vegetables that have pesticides. There are precisely thirty-five different pesticides in one cucumber. In some cucumbers, there is a synthetic wax which allows for stores to preserve the vegetables for a more extended period. But, because of the wax, there is a human-made chemical in the cucumber that people will consume.



Probably not the most popular vegetable out there but people do like it as a snack. Some people think it’s a healthy and nutritious snack, but the green color has fooled them. There is no nutritional value in a celery stick. There is a fact that when you chew celery, you are burning more calories than you are taking in them. Celery also has around sixty different pesticides when grown on a non-organic farm. Now, celery isn’t terrible for you. Just make sure you purchase your celery from an organic grower.



One of the tastiest fruits that everyone can’t get enough of, but cherries are fattening. Because of the high amount of sugar in each cherry, the body will use that sugar as carbs and make you gain weight if you overeat. This isn’t a fruit you should avoid, you should be aware of how much you are consuming, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

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