With Carson Wentz Back the Eagles Can Contend Again

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last season, and they head into the summer looking to defend their crown. They are in a strange position, and one that few other teams have been in before. They won the Super Bowl with their backup quarterback Nick Foles, while their number one, Carson Wentz, was sitting on the sidelines. This summer, he returns to the lineup and, if anything, his return should give them even more chance of winning the title this coming season.

A 41-33 victory for the Eagles against the New England Patriots gave them their first franchise football championship since 1960. The Eagles fully deserved their victory and their play was fantastic throughout, especially from Foles, who played an almost perfect game against Tom Brady, one of the greatest of all time. Everything was up against the Eagles that night but they overcame adversity to show great strength and win the game. That is a good trait to have as a franchise, and they only have to look at the team they won against for tips on how to create the perfect franchise.

The New England Patriots have created a winning mentality within their squad of players that runs right from Tom Brady down to the backup kicker. They have everyone on the same page, and that is something the Eagles need to aspire to if they are to have constant success like we have seen in New England. Brady has now won five Super Bowls with the Patriots, a number that any young quarterback like Carson Wentz should be looking up to. The biggest factor in those victories has been the way that New England come together and play for Brady, because they have a huge desire to win games and win titles.

The latest NFL betting has the Eagles +900 second favorites behind the New England Patriots. With the buzz surrounding their team from last season, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Philadelphia perform well again. They have a young quarterback coming back into the team who was exceptional last season before injury and, if he comes back as good, then he will improve this team. If the team can rally around him just like they did with Nick Foles, then he is going to have a lot of support and the Eagles are going to go close to lifting the Lombardi Trophy once again.

While the Eagles have won one Super Bowl, they will want to build on that victory and bring more success to Philadelphia. To do this, they have to build a winning mentality and get their players to rally round and play hard for Carson Wentz in a similar way to what New England do for Tom Brady. Wentz hasn’t led them to a Super Bowl just yet, but they know what he is capable of, and they know how hungry he will be this coming season. The Eagles are a very promising team, and this coming season they have every chance of contending for the Super Bowl yet again.

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