The ‘Westworld’ Creators Say They Already Know The Ending

Westworld is currently the most intellectually dense show on television and it isn’t really close.

Whenever I watch an episode of Westworld, part of me feels like I’m back in college again: I don’t know what year it is, I’m beyond confused, and it’s making my brain hurt. But that’s because I’m a mere simpleton.

The creators of Westworld, on the other hand, are clearly the furthest thing from simpletons. In fact, these guys are so f*cking smart that they CLAIM to already have the ending planned out.

Call it the anti-LOST, if you will.


According to co-creator Lisa Joy, the show does have an ending in mind, and it has been there since the pilot.

“We have an ending in mind; we’ve had it from the pilot. It’s very emotional, I think. I can’t tell you exactly when that ending will come but I think for every season what we try to do is tell a chapter of the story that gives you closure and then opens a door to a new chapter,” says Joy. “The overarching question of the series is, what will become of this new lifeform? So I feel it would be irresponsible to not have an end goal in mind.”

This is why the geniuses make television and us normal folks don’t: foresight. I can barely predict where Westworld is going to go next week, let alone four seasons from now.

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