Why Do People Pour Milk Before Cereal?

Is it wrong to pour milk before cereal? Some think it ruins the meal doing this action. The cereal before milk people considers the milk before cereal people, serial killers. To them, it’s a sin to pour your milk in the bowl before you pour your favorite cereal. But, let’s back up here. The milk before cereal people do have their reasons and they are pretty good reasons. Let’s give them a chance to explain themselves before you start throwing our cereal boxes at them. Here is why people pour milk before cereal.

Pouring your cereal before the milk makes it hard to decide how much milk you need. Sometimes you may pour too much or too little. The after cereal milk drinkers love it when they have a lot of milk, but it sucks when they are out of milk the next day because they poured too much. This is where the milk before cereal people come in to save the day.
It’s all about portion sizing with your milk. Focus on your cereal-to-milk ratio, to not waste milk and cereal. Doing this will not only allow for you to have enough food and milk for the next morning but also leave with you with a good size meal.


Most of the people who do pour their milk before there cereal have a different reason then portion sizing. Some people like to pour their milk, heat it up, and then pour their cereal. It would be interesting to see if warming milk for cocoa puffs turns it into hot chocolate.
Whichever way you choose to eat your cereal, whether it’s eating a sensible bowl of cereal or scarfing down half a box of honey nut cheerios there should be no judgment. Knowing most of you reading this are probably cereal before milk people, why not mix it up and see how you like it.

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